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If I could live another’s life, my world their point of view
Oh, how happy I could be to do the things they do.
Instead of drab existence, a life more richly led
A wish fulfillment fantasy—another’s path to tred.

If I could have the romance that others seem to find,
The passion everlasting, the closeness so divine;
The happiness I would derive from such a life as this
Seems to me the best I could ever hop to wish.

If I could find adventure, the kind others seem to find,
How exciting life would be—a mystery to unwind.
Flights of fancy lead me to far exotic lands
Filled with wondrous peoples and vistas ever grand.

If I could see the dreams I dream come to life at last
The way that others seem to do then when the dreaming’s passed
I could look back upon a life and see what others see
And feel the satisfaction that dreaming caused to be.

If I could live my life once more now that I’m at the end
I’d live a life that’s real this time instead of one pretend.
I’d do the things I dream about and when my life is gone
There’d be no regrets as there are now for things I’ve never done.

1 comment:

Emily said...

I like this. It's almost like as time passes as you read the poem time passes in her life. She spends most of the poem/life just dreaming for something else. Then at the last stanza and end of her life she wishes she did more than just dream and lived without regrets