Other Drivers

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a perfect driver, I do tend to drive a couple of kilometres above the speed limit, but I gotta wonder if some of the people out on the roads these days got their driver’s licences out of a cereal box.

I’m talking about the people who don’t know what an advanced green light means, or that if the way is clear you can make a right turn on a red light. And how about the people that make a left hand turn so slowly on a green light that it changes before they’re done and you’re stuck at the corner for another change of lights?

Our town re-paved one the road that has our new community centre on it and instead of installing a traffic light to handle the anticipated extra traffic, they put in two roundabouts. They sent out literature on how to use them, they have signs that show people which way to go, they have signs that tell you when you’re supposed to yield, and they even have an animated roundabout on the community centre website. And people still don’t understand how to use them! Just the same as they don’t know how to use the four-way stop at the north end of the street.

And you in the drive-thru . . . make up your mind before you get to the order window would you? And don't zip across the street to the fast food place and then hit the brakes as you enter the parking lot. There's traffic coming and I'm right behind you.

And why is it whenever I’m in a hurry I get stuck behind someone who drives like they’ve got a trunk full of nitro glycerine? Ride the brakes on your own time buddy, my grandmother in her walker could go faster than you!

Then we go to the other extreme on the 400 series highways. Yes, we get the turtles on there too, but at least there are three lanes. My beef with highway driving are the guys who think they’re on the racing circuit. When I’m already going 40 30 20 a few kilometres over the speed limit, you don’t need to be sitting on my ass in an effort to get me to move over. Trust me, I would if I could but I’m in an SUV and it’s not going to fit under the transport truck beside me.

And you in the truck, just because you've got your signal on doesn't mean the road suddenly sprouts an extra lane for me to move into because you want to move into my lane. It's even worse when the weather's bad and the truck's throwing crap on your windshield.

And then you get the stunt drivers. You know the guys I mean, the ones who zip in and out of the traffic in an effort to get to wherever they’re going just a few seconds quicker. At night you can track their progress by the tail lights coming on as people are forced to slam their brakes to avoid hitting them.

I actually enjoy driving. All I ask is that you get rid of the slow pokes and the dare devils and the inconsiderate truckers and I’m good to go. :-)



Bish Denham said...

There are bad and inconsiderate drivers everywhere. The ones that really disturb me are the drivers who run red lights. I nearly got smacked the other day...I just happened to take those extra few seconds to pause and look again.

graceunderpressure said...

I have been good driver and bad driver. It was VERY frightening to be passenger in Dad's van as he came within nanometres (does that mean by the skin of our teeth?) of t boning some poor guy driving past the parking lot exit. My dad just didn't see him til the last possible second. Made me think of the guy who said: "I want to die in my sleep like my grandad, not screaming like the passengers in his car" :( v frightening.