This rant is brought to you by the jerk who parked beside me at No Frills when I was grocery shopping on Saturday.

I was wearing a skirt – a nice, simple, A-line skirt – and I drive a Ford Escape which, for those who don’t know, has bucket seats in the front and a fairly wide console separating them. I am not young and limber, I am old and horizontally challenged. So I did not appreciate having someone park so close beside me that I could not open the driver’s side door to get in. Obviously they didn’t have a passenger, ‘cause they wouldn’t have been able to get out, either. So I, in my skirt, had to climb from the passenger side over into the driver’s side before I could leave the parking lot. If I had had the time I would have gone back into the store and had their license number paged, but I didn’t so I had to content myself with leaving a note on their windshield. I think what pisses me off the most is their “I’m king of the world so I can do whatever I want without consideration for others” attitude.

And you know something else that really ticks me off? Perfectly healthy people who park in handicap parking spaces. I don’t care how much of a hurry they’re in, there’s no excuse for this. I think that security officers in the mall should be allowed to ticket these jerks. Or, even better, let’s write down their license plate numbers and have them paged with the message: “Will the owner of the red Acura, license plate number w*h*a*t*e*v*e*r please move your car. You are parked illegally in a handicapped parking spot.” Maybe a little embarrassment will smarten them up.

And while we’re on the subject . . . what’s up with those stupid pink baby carriages adorning parking places for expectant mothers? Seriously? Just how pregnant do you have to be to take advantage of them? And how do they police this?

So there you have it. My pet parking peeves. I’d really love to hear what yours are!


Jamie (Mithril Wisdom) said...

People parking in handicapped spots that they aren't deserving of tick me off the most. I agree with you that a little (read: a lot) of embarrassment would be the right kind of medicine for those jerks :P

graceunderpressure said...

I saw a comedic vid on this. A guy sees someone get out of the truck in handicapped zone. Not handicapped, so our guy runs into him! Yikes! Then his crippled mom gets out of other side... doh!

Frustrating to get blocked in, guilty of this myself when I was 16. Guy had to wait for me to finish in McD's before he could take his kids home. Fortunately, he didn't beat me.

My hubs will park in the pregnant mothers slot if pushed. He says he has kids. Whatever, darling.

My pet parking peeve is people who get mad at the way you parked after the jerk who was parked next to you when you pulled in has left. You are now 1/2 a spot over and sideways, but he's gone so no one knows why. Grrr!