Under Where?

Remember how your mother used to tell you to make sure you wear clean underwear in case you’re in an accident?

Okay, gentlemen, you’ll probably want to skip this rant. It’s about women’s issues.

First off, let’s talk bras.

Why is it so hard to find a bra that fits properly? And even more so, why isn’t it affordable?

I’m a plus sized woman, which means I have plus sized breasts. Do you really think I want extra padding in my bra? Apparently some manufacturers do. And then we get the other extreme where there’s no support at all.

And what’s with those camisoles with “the bra built in”? Are they really supposed to support you? I admit I have a couple of these that I like to wear in the summer. But only around the house. I wouldn’t dream of going out in public in one.

I once thought I found the perfect bra, it was called a T-shirt bra. It was made out of this stuff that kept its smooth shape, without adding extra padding. And it was affordable. The only problem was, after a few months the underwire started jabbing me under the arm. And if I adjusted it so that it didn’t get me under the arm, it would stab me between the breasts.

And does anyone else out there have a problem with their bra straps falling down? This drives me so crazy I have been known to remodel a bra so that the straps at the back are closer to the clasp. It probably isn’t the most elegant sewing job there is, but it works for me.

Now for the second part of my rant.

Movies, television, and books are filled with women who wear beautiful silk and lace bra and panty sets. These woman have many such sets. Many, many, sets. Am I really the only one out there who does not wear matching bras and panties?

I admit, they’re pretty to look at, but they’re not very practical and a lot of the time they’re down right uncomfortable. And they’re expensive! I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford a different bra and panty set for every day of the week. Satin and lace may look pretty, but satin’s hot and lace is itchy. And don’t get me started on thongs!

What’s wrong with normal underwear?


Bish Denham said...

LOL! I'm a "normal" sized woman in the bust area, yet I have NEVER found a comfortable bra. And as for undies, always simple, always cotton.

graceunderpressure said...

hurray for walmart cotton knickers! :D
what about this supposed wonderful bra that fits like a shirt? Saw it on a TV ad... could probably be investigated under "as seen on TV"

I like matching colours, but they don't have to be a 'set'.

Anonymous said...

My sister has bra problems, her bra straps keep trying to fall down, sometimes they succeed, i asked her why she lets it happen and doesnt wear long sleeved tops and she said because bras are expensive and she isnt going to buy a new one everytime they wear out after a couple of months. With sleeveless tops its also easier for her to keep her strap up or pull it back up when it falls, so simply I can have come accustomed to her strap popping out every now and then and she has gorown into it been a normal issue in her every day life. My sister is a manager in a large company, puts a lot of care into looking tidy and professional, but always wears sleeveless tops to work and the one thing that lets her down is her bra straps which she has seemingly given up on and they look very out of place when falling down out of her work outfits.