Saturday, In the Park . . .

Okay, it is Saturday, but it's too freakin' cold to go to the park. Last time I checked, the weather network said the temperature was 7 C, which is 45 F in Yanky-speak. :-D

So, what does Saturday in the park have to do with anything? Nothing really. Just when I was trying to come up with a name for this post I thought about just calling it the day of the week (like I do when I'm stuck for a subject line for emails) and as soon as I thought of Saturday, the Chicago song popped into my head. So there you go.

Anyway, as you can see, there's no grammar to grapple with this week. Why? (you ask)I'll tell you why. I can't think of anything else to post about, grammar-wise. So. If one of you lovely people reading this can think of anything, let me know. I will gladly take any (polite) suggestions of what to do with my grammar series. :-)

You know, it's amazing what a change in the weather can do for a person. (Did I not mention this post was going to be really random? Sorry. You are now warned.)

Now, where was I. Oh, yeah. The weather. We just had a week of increasingly grey and miserable weather, culminating in torrential rain yesterday/night. I happen to be one of those sorry-assed individuals who are affected by the weather (I may have mentioned this before). Too much grey, overcastedness depletes my energy at best and brings on the migraines at worst. Yesterday was one of the worst.

Is anyone else out there affected by the weather and what do you do to cope with it? And don't talk to me about those special lights you can get. My body isn't fooled by artificial light any more than it is by artificial sweeteners. I don't always get migraines with the grey weather, and I almost think these days are the worst 'cause I don't feel I have an excuse for feeling so miserable. So, what do you do to stave off an attack of the Grey Dismals?

Now, let's talk e-mail. I have five or six e-mail accounts, but most of my mail is sent to one specific account. I try to stay organized, but I'm a bit of a pack rat - I hate to throw anything out, even if it's just electronic mail.

So, I have folders, many folders. The problem arises when I have mail that could go into more than one folder. Of course it really only rears its ugly head when I'm searching for a specific email for some important tidbit of information and I can't remember where I put it, but still. . .

Lately, my email has been getting away from me and it's been causing me a wee bit of angst. So I've decided to implement a new system. I've re-organized my email folders and I'm going to move messages from the inbox to the folder they belong in as soon as I answer them. This should (hopefully) simplify things. Now I just have to clear up the back log.

And no, I did not decide to write this post as a form of procrastinating from doing just that. Honest! ;-)

And now, just to bring this post full circle, I found Chicago on YouTube for you. You can thank me later. :-)


Jamie D. said...

Sorry you're under the weather, Carol (obviously not sorry enough to resist that pun, though). Vitamin B - super doses of riboflavin (which you can't really get on it's own, so it has to be in a B complex vitamin), has virtually cured my husband of migraines (pressure/weather related and otherwise). He used to get them constantly, and since I've had him on those super B vitamins, he hasn't had one in a long, long time. Try it...maybe that will do the trick. You'll have to take it every day though - B is water soluble, so it doesn't stay in your system.

Hope you're feeling better soon! And I'll try not to blow out your email box again. ;-)

C R Ward said...

Thanks Jamie! Actually, my doctor had me on mega doses of B12 at one time, but they made me super tired (yes, the medical profession thinks I'm weird too). Someone else told me to try the complex B vitamins so I think I'll hie me to Wal Mart to get some.

And feel free to e-mail as much as you like, I have a system now! LOL

graceunderpressure said...

@JamieD: very interesting about B vitamin and migraine... I've had far fewer since becoming vegetarian (and eating a lot of dark green leafy stuff - kale, spinach, collards, )

Meredith said...

My cure for the gray dismals is to embrace them. Snuggle up in a blanket, make some hot chocolate, and read a good book or write. But I never get migraines, so I think your reaction to the gray dismals is more serious than mine! Good luck with all the emails!