It's NaNoing Time!

It's only Day 4 of NaNoWriMo and already I'm woefully behind. However, I at least have enough words to manage an excerpt. :-)

Although the bulk of this novel will be set in space (or a space station or on space ships) this excerpt is set on Earth. The Hero, Benedict, is on a mission to fetch, by whatever means needed, an author by the name of Alexis St.James, whom his boss, an as yet unnamed drug lord and criminal kingpin who's also into the sex trades, desires to meet face to face.

He's landed his ship and has made his way to the lakeside village where the author is supposed to reside. He decides the best place to start his search would be the general store.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

A bell tinkled merrily as he opened the door. He wandered slowly around the perimeter until the two customers who were browsing left, and then made his way over to the long, wooden counter.

“You’re lookin’ a mite lost, hon. Can I help you with something?” the elderly woman behind the counted asked.

He directed the full wattage of his smile at her. “I sure hope so. I’m looking for a woman . . .”

The woman grinned back at him. “Any woman do? Or did you have a particular woman in mind?”

“The woman I’m looking for is a writer, Alexis St. James.”

“Is that a fact?” Her smile dimmed slightly. “And what would a young buck like you be wantin’ with Miz St. James?”

“I . . . uh . . . you see . . .” Benedict was unprepared for her question. What would be an acceptable reason to the old woman, who was obviously protective of the young writer.

“Are you one of them there reporters?” she asked, eyes narrowed.

“No! I mean, no ma’am,” he told her. Deciding honesty, or as much honesty as he felt she could handle, was probably his best course of action, he continued, “I’ve been sent by my employer who wishes—”

The woman’s eyes lit up. “You one of those movie people? I done told her it was only a matter of time before Hollywood picked one of her books to make a movie out of! Which one was it?”

“I’m sorry,” he said, deciding it would be best to play along. “That’s between my employer and Miss St. James. I’m just here as a go-between.”

“Well don’t that beat all!” The old woman was back to beaming at him. “I don’t know whereabouts Miz St. James is right now, but I sure know where she’ll be tonight.”

“And where might that be,” Benedict asked, leaning on the counter.

“Why, she’ll be at the Fish’s Mouth, celebratin’, like most the rest of the town.”

“The Fish’s Mouth?”

“It’s the bar, just down the street there. You can’t miss it.”

“What’s everyone celebrating?”

She leaned forward and motioned him closer. “It’s Lexi’s 60th birthday. But you didn’t hear it from me!”

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

And this is the sad excuse of a cover I came up with, which only goes to show that such things should be left to the professionals. :-)

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