NaNo Excerpt - Final One

This is the last excerpt from my NaNo novel. If you missed the other ones, you can catch week one’s HERE, week two’s HERE, week three’s HERE, and week four’s HERE .

So, here’s the thing. Lexi and Benedict are consenting adults and they’re stuck on a ship for two weeks with nothing to do so they ended up having sex. A lot. I didn’t want to make my last excerpt not safe for work, so instead I chose a scene that takes place after sex. Sex in which Lexi had Benedict tied to the bed and painted him with chocolate. The rest is pretty self-explanatory. ;-)

She scooted down off the bed and started to until his feet first. At least she tried to. Frowning, her fingers picked at the knot.

“Is there a problem?” Benedict asked curiously. From his position he couldn’t really see what she was doing.

“Um, I don’t think so,” Lexi said cautiously. “Let me try undoing your wrists first.”

If anything, these knots were even tighter than the others.

“I don’t know if I’m up for more games, Lexi.”

She shot him a guilty look. “I’m trying to get you loose. Just be patient.” She worried at the knots for a few more minutes then sat back on her heels with a frustrated sigh.

“What’s the matter?”

“When you were straining against the ropes . . . you must have pulled a little harder than I expected.”

“What are you trying to telling me?”

She bit her lip. “I can’t get you undone.”

“What?” he struggled against his bonds, muscles bunching up as he strained against the ropes.

“Stop! You’re just making matters worse.”

He stared at her. “Lexi, this isn’t funny. Now untie me.”

“This isn’t a joke,” she said, wishing it was. “I don’t suppose you have a knife, so I could cut you loose?”

“What would I need a knife for?”

“For getting loose from situations like this one?” she suggested meekly.

He glared at her. “That is not funny.”

“I know, I’m sorry. Look, why don’t I go see if I can find something to cut you loose with.”

She glanced around and then picked up her shift, pulling it over her head. As an afterthought, she picked up the blanket and covered him up, scooting out the door before he could yell at her.

First she checked the cargo bay, checking for a crowbar or some other tool that might have been left behind. There was nothing, as she knew would be the case.

Next she tried the engine room. Surely there’d be a tool kit or something used for making repairs. Unfortunately the engine room was filled with rows of equipment that she didn’t want to mess with. There was nothing resembling a tool kit, or even a tool. Nothing in the room had a sharp edge either.

“Okay, Lexi, think,” she said to herself. “If you were something sharp on a self-sustaining temporal ship, where would you hide?”

On a whim she entered the lounge and went to the large food replicator. “I’d like a big, sharp, butcher knife,” she said to the machine.

“Unfamiliar foodstuff. Please restate your request.”

Lexi sighed. At least it had been worth a shot. Suddenly she thought of something.

“I’d like a nice juicy steak, medium rare,” she told the replicator.

There was a quiet hum and then the panel slid open. The steak smelled mouth watering, but all she had eyes for was the knife for cutting it. With a triumphant, “Yes!” she snatched it up and hurried back to Benedict.

He didn’t look very happy. In fact, he was starting to look a little uncomfortable.

“Where have you been?” he asked peevishly.

“Trying to find something to cut you free with,” she reminded him.


“Ta da!” She brandished the steak knife.

He eyed the tiny knife dubiously. “You realize it’s going to take forever with that thing.”

“Well, it was either this or I order up a bottle of whiskey and then break it so I can use the glass.”

“You made the wise choice,” he assured her.

“Where should I start, wrists or ankles?” she asked.

“Wrists,” he said promptly

She started for the rope around his left wrist, then pulled back. “You’re not going to try and get back at me for this, are you?”

“Temping, but no. We’ll just chalk this up to a learning experience.”

“Oh. Okay. That’s very big of you.”

Though the steak knife wasn’t the sharpest of tools, the serrated edge made short work of the rope. Once his hands were free, Benedict took the knife from her and freed his ankles. Lexi took one look at the raw looking red marks around his wrists and ankles and tears filled her eyes.

“Oh, Benedict. I’m so sorry. I should never have picked the rope to tie you with.”

She was so genuinely upset that any thoughts he harboured for revenge were washed away. “It’s all right, really. It could have happened to anyone.” He pulled her down into his lap and kissed her thoroughly. “Let’s just stick to me tying you up from now on.”

Lexi nodded her head in agreement. “I agree. From now on if I want to restrain you I’ll use handcuffs.”

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