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The Eight Parts of Speech – Part Eight

To recap, so far we’ve looked at Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Pronouns, Conjunctions, and the Preposition. Now I’ve saved the simplest for last – the Interjection.

While the preposition can be thought of as the low-key part of speech, the interjection is the emotional part of the group. Also called the exclamation, it is a word that expresses emotion or surprise. It often stands alone and has its own punctuation, the exclamation mark.


Oh no!

Wow! Sending Christmas parcels overseas is really expensive.

It should be noted that a sentence may have a concluding exclamation mark while not including an interjection:

Wow! Sending Christmas parcels overseas is really expensive!

It should also be noted that not every interjection is followed by an exclamation mark:

Alas, my credit card is maxed out.

Ah, a foot massage was just what I needed.

Well, what happened here?

And now, the final Grammar Rock video:

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