Mirabiliary Monday

mirabiliary ~ miracle worker

The edits are done! The edits are done! Woo hoo!

At least they are for now. We’ll see what my dream team has to say when they’ve read my book and sent it back to me.

And, um, I’m talking about Book II of the Ardraci Elementals, An Elemental Fire, just in case you were wondering. :-)

For all I felt like I was a slacker last week, I got a lot done.

Blog posts:
Serial #1, Shades of Errol Flynn is moving right along.
Serial #2, Water, had its debut instalment.
A new poetry form, the Sevenling, was introduced.
A new flash piece using a photo as a prompt was up on Friday.

As well, I finished my submission for Rattles Flash Fiction and got it sent off just under the wire. It took me a little longer than I planned on because the story took a different turn than I’d planned on and I had to re-read Dragonwyck, by Anya Seton, to find out what the name of the plant was the villain used to kill his wife.

And did I mention I finally got the edits finished on Fire? It was the journal entries that were holding me up. When I serialized Fire on my blog, I started each instalment with a journal entry, making 56 journal entries. When editing, I was using two instalments per chapter, making 28 chapters. I thought it would be a simple matter of doubling up on the journal entries at the beginning of each chapter, but that’s not the way it happened. Over half of them had to be re-written, and the first and last ones were totally new.

What’s Up This Week:

The schedule is up on the side bar, so I’m just giving the highlights here.

More interesting posts from last week so check out tomorrow’s list.

Wednesday (on Random Writings) will see Jessica paying a visit to Castle Ghren. And this week’s hump day hunk (on Random Thoughts) is inspired by our (finally) seasonable weather

Thursday will be the second instalment of Water (on Random Thoughts) and I have no idea what’s going to happen because I haven’t written it yet. ;-)

Friday will have something poetic on Random Writings, and again, at this point I have no idea what, and a new flash written from another picture prompt on Random Thoughts. I like pictures. I have a big collection of them, both on the computer and ones I’ve cut out from National Geographic and put into files. I figure it’s about time I started using them for something, hence the flash fiction using picture prompts.

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