Passion For Poetry

This one is an old one, written well before I discovered my love of forms. And yet you can see I was a stickler for strong rhyme and rhythm. This poem combines my love of poetry with my love of fantasy in a ballad-type form.


When you have need of an escape from what is real, see me.
For I dream things that never were, pure insanity.
A bitter place this world of ours and growing worse each day;
Disillusion stalks us all - I leave for Faraway.

Come with me into a land where wizardry is king;
Where unicorns do battle with the devil's underlings;
Where knights still rescue maidens fair so goodness will prevail;
And faeries dance inside a ring to lure men to their vale.

Together we could rule the land, the oceans and the air --
A journey into madness, then anything we dare.
The power of Darkness beckons, a life better than my own.
I can do 'most anything, once the way is shown.

I take control of life and death, of misery and pain -
I offer life eternal, together we shall reign
O'er sunny lands and misty dells, and mountains dark and cold -
They wait, they're for the taking by anyone who's bold.

It is for lack of conquering souls that myths and legends die;
Come, the world's not good enough for spirits such as I.
For I've control of many lives, I do just as I choose -
Ally with me and live to win, defy me and you loose.

Fool! You spurn my offer? 'Twill not be made again -
I grow ever greater by methods called arcane.
If I choose you'll have no choice; I take away your soul
Your spirit dims, the sun departs - Evil's in control.

The day grows black while overhead the clouds begin to race,
Lightning strikes and thunder cracks while life ebbs from your face.
I watch, impassive as the stone your husk will soon become,
The force I feel is awesome yet a part of me is numb.

Alas, I cannot do it. I give you back your soul.
Power overwhelmed me with its tempting arsenal.
I present another offer, one we both can share:
You be my white knight errant, I'll be your lady fair.

You'll not regret the leaving of the life we lived before,
I promise only spirits high, devotion evermore;
Forest glades to shelter us, the weather always bright;
All the nectar we can drink, the magic always white.

On silver chargers we will ride throughout the sunny days,
And thrill to listen to the tunes the faeries piper plays.
Our friends will be the birds and creatures of the forest stands,
And elves and gnomes shall ask us to visit in their lands.

Forever live in pleasure with blessings from above,
Hand in hand we'll travel in the realms not spoken of.
So take my hand and we will go to lands as yet unknown -
The bright blue sky above us, the world shall be our home.