Passion For Poetry

While most people who've read my poetry know me as a lover of rhyme and rhythm, I have been known to write non-rhyming poems as well. I can't really call them unstructured, as they do have structure to them.


I sit
alone with the silence
uneasy in thought
without knowing why

I dream
forever tomorrow
a longing incarnate
too cluttered in mind

I yearn
beyond the horizon
the edge of the world
escape into time

I live
without a direction
life of my choosing
the days are too small

I die
with no one to mourn me
a candle that’s guttered
light fades and is gone.


It strikes without warning
like a thunderbolt
leaving shards of reality
in its wake.

Genius to insanity
like prophesies unheeded
illumination seen
with blinders on.

Fire absorbing
like wildfire rushing
the heat all consuming
burning to ash.

Hollow yet dreaming
like a faceted crystal
splintering fragments
of dreams, no regrets.

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