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Noteworthy posts:

I found a link on Shelly and Chad’s blog that anyone who thinks Books Are For Lovers needs to check out. Even if you just like books you should check it out. :-)

Raven Carluk makes a very good point in her post, Romance Books Need More Romance

Jo and the Novelist explain the Starbucks Rewards Scheme.

This is not only interesting, it's an honest post about why it's sometimes hard to make comments on other people's blogs.

Need help getting started with your writing? Try this: Writing Hint: How to practice creative writing.

The Feckless Goblin has 20 tips for writing the perfect horror short story.

There’s a fine line between creativity and madness. Check out this article on Writers and Depression.

Blogs and Websites:

Pixel of Ink
For anyone who is addicted to their Kindle. And just a note, you’ll want to check this site daily ‘cause they’re always updating. ;-)

Step Into Character
You have to sign up to read or contribute, but it’s free.

Because you can never have too many places for on-line reading or posting your writing.

A place dedicated to promoted books.

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Jamie Gibbs said...

Some great articles there, thanks :) Feckless Goblin is the best title I've ever seen!