Passion For Poetry

Today I’d like to share two poems with the same subject matter, written in the same month, but a year apart.

The Park in Winter I

distant dogs barking
waves racing the wind to the shore
weak November sun
trying desperately
to cast a shadow
a handful of seagulls
circling for memories
and out on the water
a ball bobs patiently
awaiting a new season

The Park in Winter II

sitting alone
in the dead and dying garden
cool wind blowing in
from across the lake
I do not feel the cold
my thoughts keep me warm
drifting, drifting . . .
the geese have all flown away
bound for warmer climes
winter is coming
but I do not feel it

1 comment:

graceunderpressure said...

I like it, and the geese like it, who were just this morning flying indecisively back and forth across the sky.