Metonymy Monday

metonymy ~ figurative use of word to name an attribute of its subject

Did everyone enjoy their holiday weekend? Anyone suffering from a chocolate hangover?

I remember Easters when I was a child . . . we’d drive up north to my Aunt and Uncle’s place in Owen Sound – it was a great house for Easter egg hunts, full of antiques and nooks and crannies. I remember getting a new outfit, complete with a hat, to wear to church. In fact somewhere there’s a picture of my mother, sisters and I standing in a row in my Aunt’s rock garden, dressed in our Sunday finest. Ahh, nostalgia. :-)

Easter is my favourite of all the holidays. It has nothing to with religion or chocolate, I like to think of it as the turning of the seasons – the true transition between winter and spring. Easter is daffodils and tulips and the buds coming out on the trees.

Last week *shakes head sadly* last week was such a dismal failure that a sane person would just hoist up the white flag. But nobody’s ever accused me of an overabundance of sanity, so I’m really to start fresh (again!) with this week.

Despite the fact that I got no writing done on the weekend, my goal for this week is to get all my posts up on time. I also want to set aside an hour or two each day for reading. I took the time to get some reading done on the weekend and I’d like to keep up my momentum. I’m up to 700 unread books on my Kindle and it’s time to start knocking some off them off.

What’s Up This Week:
The schedule is up on the side bar, so I’m just giving the highlights here.

Tuesday On Random Thoughts We have Part Six of Prophets and Prophecies, the Norse Völva. For real this time. :-) On Random Writings we’ll have the review of the book I’d intended for last week but didn’t get a chance to finish. If you’re an author and would like me to review your book, drop me a line at carolrward(at)gmail(dot)com. I promise I’ll put your book at the top of my list. :-)

Wednesday (on Random Writings) Chapter Forty-seven of Shades of Errol Flynn – when I wrote my goals post last week I honestly thought I’d be continuing with the previous instalment, but I realized that Jessica still hadn’t had her post-castle talk with Alexandre and Gareth so I figured it was over-due. So I really have no idea what's going to happen in that story this week. And on Random Thoughts there’ll be another hump day hunk for your viewing pleasure – on time this time. :-)

Thursday we have Chapter Twelve of Water (on Random Thoughts). I wonder what kind of trouble Ravi can get into this time?

Friday On Passion For Poetry (Random Writings) there will be a poem, but I haven’t decided whether or not it will be mine or not. ;-) And on Random Thoughts I’ll (hopefully) have a flash piece prompted by a picture.

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