No Post Today

I apologize, but due to a series of unfortunate circumstances (it's a long story and you really don't want to know!) there will be no post today. Posting will continue as scheduled tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.


graceunderpressure said...

In the absence of Carol's regularly scheduled post, please feel free to continue the post here:

Once upon a time, in the deep dark woods, a huntsman was daydreaming about how he'd rather be a botanist, and admiring all the beautiful plants that surrounded him, whipped out his notepad and began to draw them.
In his intense concentration, he failed to notice the approach of the little rabbit, who began munching the grass nearby; or the little chipmunks that, little by little, investigated the area behind him for edibles. Birds twittered and flitted around the oblivious artist...

C R Ward said...

LOL Thanks Nance! I hope we get to see your finished version of this! :-)