Passion For Poetry

The fun thing about ‘poemwork’, like the one I did last week, is that anyone can do. So if you’re looking for something different to do with your poetry, give this prompt a try:

Take any 3-5 consecutive lines from the index of Bartlett’s Famous Quotations. Filling in the gaps with your imagination, expand on the thought and feelings you glimpse between the lines to compose your poem.

My lines were:

Imagination, cold and barren
Imaginations are as foul
Imagine why or whence
Imagining fear in the night
Imagining the grave

My normal default when writing poetry is to make it rhyme, but for this particular prompt I came up with a non-rhyming version as well. I’ve included both versions here.

Poem 1

Imagination, cold and barren
a bleak landscape stretching forth
into a wasteland of empty dreams.

Imaginations are as foul creatures,
intentionally misleading,
inspiring hope that has no place here.

Imagine why or whence we came
into this space between realities,
the great void that enshrouds us.

Imagining fear in the night
surpassed only by
the waking dream.

Imagining the grave that waits
reality shatters, fragmenting,
a downward spiral into madness.

Poem 2

cold and barren
as the grave,
like a demon
darkly filled with things I crave;
thoughts and feelings of despair
like an omen,
a vivid fantasy to ensnare.

are as foul
as phantom screaming,
sounds of terror
within your darkest dreaming.
raids the landscape of your mind,
a standard-bearer
of future curses intertwined.

Imagine why
or whence
this inner madness springs.
What wrong committed?
What spiteful spirit to you clings?
Nightmare outcry,
sticky web of madness daunting;
a dread submitted
to a darkened inward haunting.

Imagining fear
in the night
, time of darkest sin.
Fractured sanity,
your thoughts have let the chaos in.
You persevere
and hope to end this nightmare soon.
Be gone humanity,
you’re dancing to the devil’s tune.

the grave
in which your conscience lies,
dark illusion
holds you fast before it dies.
A fragile thing
this life you cling to valiantly;
while dark delusion
transmits your uncertainty.

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