by Derrick Hibbard

IMPISH is the story of a young lawyer named Travis, who accidently sells his soul to Satan in exchange for financial gain and some luck with the women.

The devil is a little too backed up with attorneys, so Travis is instead assigned an Imp to help him with his endeavors, and Hell literally breaks loose. What follows is a hilarious—at times outrageous—adventure as Travis and his Imp try to break free from the clutches of eternal damnation.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. Who knew selling your soul could be so funny?

You kind of have to feel sorry for Travis, the main character. It's just one bad thing after another as far as his luck goes, but he really does bring some it on himself, like when he signs over his soul to the devil.

Cal, the Imp who's assigned to "help" Travis, more often makes things worse, although the results of his help are hilarious. Like helping Travis on a job interview that ends with both Cal and Travis riding a sofa down 12 stories through a church roof. I didn't want to like Cal - at first I kept picturing that blue guy from Spawn - but he tried so hard (in his own way) to be helpful that you can't help feeling sorry for him and his predicament.

Somehow Hell was just as I pictured it, and having worked in a call-centre I especially loved the answering service. The other thing I loved about this book was the way Travis and Cal started out at such odds with each other, but then ended up friends. The twists and turns of the plot kept me guessing about what would happen next, and the ending was most satisfying.

If you're look for a good read, you can find a copy of Impish on Amazon.

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