Passion For Poetry

Three years ago I took part in the Writer's Digest annual PAD (Poem A Day) Challenge, which, as some of you may recall, set me on my course to explore different forms of poetry. We were given a new prompt each day of the month of April (National Poetry month).

Some people resist writing poetry from a prompt, but I kind of like it. I enjoy the challenge of it. In any case, today I thought I'd share a few of the poems I created for this particular challenge.

From Day Three: we were asked to write a poem that started with - The problem with . . .

The problem with Panda is that
She is a most curious cat
she sticks in her nose
where it oughtn’t to goes
and she gets into trouble with that.

From Day Eight: write a poem about a routine. Mine can be sung to the tune of O Christmas Tree. :-)

Garbage Eve

O Garbage Eve! O Garbage Eve!
I hate thee with a passion;
O Garbage Eve! O Garbage Eve!

Where’s the can for trashin’?
I hate you when the summer’s here,
But also when the winter’s near,
O Garbage Eve! O Garbage Eve!
I hate thee with a passion!

From Day Ten: write a poem about Friday


Thank God it’s Friday,
the end of the week!
My job is the pits and
my boss is a freak.
My co-workers hate me
my workspace? a joke;
who can see clearly
surrounded by smoke?
I finished my typing
with nary a sigh
and that’s when some moron
drops a stack off this high!
Home’s not much better
the kids are all sick,
the cat has a hairball,
my husband’s a dick.
So thank God it’s Friday,
I can rest for a while
and then greet my Monday
with a coffee and smile.

From Day Thirteen: write about a hobby


Choose a hobby, just one?
It simply cannot be done!
I sew and I quilt
without any guilt
. I crochet and knit
more than just a wee bit.
I read and I write
in the day and the night.
I love pen and ink
and my drawings don’t stink.
I can bead with the best
or cross stitch for a rest.
With a brush and some paint
I’ll form a picture so quaint
and when finished with that
put on my gardening hat.
The craft hasn’t been found
I don’t have laying around.
Choose a hobby, just one?
It simply cannot be done!

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