Special Announcement and Giveaway

I am super-pleased to announce the launch of Book II in the Ardraci Elemental series, An Elemental Fire.

Once again I would like to thank Jamie DeBree of Brazen Snake Books for her limitless patience, and Heidi Sutherlin of Creative Pursuits for my fabulous cover. And a special nod to Karin Eider, beta-reader extraordinaire.

Wynne Ignitus has a secret she's been keeping from the children she rescued from genetic experimentation.

Rayne has a secret that doesn't stop the longing she feels for her reluctant ally.

Pyre has a secret that keeps him from what he most desires.

Only the desperate would seek the aid of the reclusive Fire Elemental up on the mountain, but Rayne would do anything to help her sister. However, once she persuades him to return to the village with her, it's to find her sister, and the rest of the children, gone.

Who has taken the children, and why? And why would the Mother send them on a quest to seek the aid of the mysterious Illezie, a race they’d never heard of? Together Rayne and Pyre must find the answers to these questions before time runs out . . . for everyone.

If you have a Kindle you can find An Elemental Fire on Amazon. For other e-versions (including the kindle format) you can purchase your copy at Brazen Snake Books (where you can also read the first three chapters for free) or Smashwords. For the month of June it's available for the special price of $0.99, after which it will be available at its regular price of $2.99.

But wait, that's not all. What would a book launch be without a giveaway? I have two blogs, so I will give away a copy of An Elemental Fire to one lucky winner on each blog. You have until midnight, June 15th to leave a comment on either blog and just to make it really interesting, you can comment on any of the posts on either Random Thoughts or Random Writings during that time. The winners will be selected at random (of course) and will be announced on Monday, June 18.

I'll let you know when the print version becomes available, and there will be a contest for that over on Goodreads.


graceunderpressure said...

Jim saw your book Elemental Wind on the dresser and was very intrigued by the cover art.. next thing ya know, he'll be reading it! :D
(notice how I now have write that sentence without putting book title in commas since there are more than one????) :D :D

C R Ward said...

Let me know what he thinks about it! An Elemental Fire should be available in the print version in a week or so.