A Patch of Blue
by Brian Mullally

Sometimes funny, tearful, serious or all three, these stories give the reader little chance to recover, as they change from contemporary to the historic, love to war, personal to public, offering a pot-pourri of the author’s work.

Culled from the treasury of Brian Mullally’s collection of short stories, the series includes several award winning stories.

An Insignificant Flower the judge described “as a powerful and moving story, tautly told with a deft attention to small detail.”

The Mother Lover was judged “as an innovative and intriguing story beyond the usual experience of readers, a memorable event with a degree of humour amidst horror that certainly demonstrates the writer’s prowess.”

Mock Turtle Island was voted the winner in the Warren Adler 2008 Humorous Short Story Competition.

The General and the Moon Lady described by the judges at the Writers’ Union of Canada as “competent writing with some wonderful sequences.”

This is an interesting collection of stories by a local author. There are twenty stories in the collection, spanning a variety of themes, from war to love to every day life. There's a man confronted by his own future; a woman who learns the power of pink; and a mystery involving uncut diamonds.

Given the choice between the contemporary and historical stories, I'd have to say I enjoyed the historical ones the most, they were like little windows into the past. A few of the contemporary stories were more a slice of life than a true story, but for the most part I enjoyed them all.

You can have your own Kindle version copy for $9.99 from Amazon.

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