Multiplicative Monday

multiplicative ~ indicating repetition or augmentation

I can see the light at the end of the OTF tunnel. What I'm waiting on now is permission from the Canadian Government to use a specific military badge on the cover of the CDs and books. I've been in touch with four different departments so far and the last one sent me a request for more information, but it was late enough in the day (on Friday) and I knew I'd be waiting for the reply. Hopefully I'll hear back today.

Once I get permission for the cover art all that's left is printing the covers for the books and the CDs. And if I don't get permission? There's another version of the crest that I can buy online, but it's not as nice. I'd really rather use the official one though, so cross your fingers for me.

My printer has been suspiciously well behaved. No more smudging on the sides of the pages. Well, unless I have to print with the blue. Although I printed a colour picture today (for my cork board) and it came out beautifully. Perhaps it's only photographs it doesn't like. Unfortunately, towards the end of printing yesterday the ink was kind of fading a bit. I hope that's because I coaxed the poor thing into printing 1,000 pages today and not because I'm running out of black toner. The cartridge is supposed to be good for up to 5,000 pages and I've probably only printed two or three thousand so far.

Despite being immersed in the OTF project last week, I still managed to get my two serial posts written and posted the bonus story (Tuesday) written by my writer's group. I also finished the edits on an awesome novel and got it back to the author.

Here's a question for everyone, do novels you read whilst editing count towards the Goodreads reading challenge? Good question. I guess technically they do, but I'd have to wait until they're available for sale. What do you think?

In case you're interested, the group has started a second progressive story. The numbers were drawn on a night I couldn't be there and I found it a little suspicious that I was chosen to go first. However, I got the group back by creating an opening paragraph that had as many fantasy elements as I could manage (and still have it make sense). I won't see the story again until it's done and I can't wait to see where the group takes it. :-)

This week I will finally be starting to emerge from my hermit's cave. Maybe. There's a Scribe's meeting on Wednesday afternoon, and Thursday evening there's a poetry reading. I can't remember the last time I made it to a poetry reading.

So . . . what else will I be up to this week, now that I have all this free time? LOL Well, I'd like to spend a little time outside reading, and I have another book coming to me for edits. This is by a local author and she likes the edits done on hard copy, which means I can use my coloured pens and matching stick notes. And I should probably spend a little time cleaning up my office and work rooms . . . again!

Now that my husband has been dragged kicking and screaming into the computer age (although he still maintains that computers are just a fad), he occasionally checks out my blog. Usually his comments are pretty positive, except when it comes to Wednesdays. He insists that I play fair and start posting eye candy for the gentlemen out there. So, starting this week I will be adding a Hump Day Hussy to the Hump Day Hunk.

What’s Up This Week: The schedule is up on the side bar, so I’m just giving the highlights here.

Tuesday I still haven't figured out what I'm going to do here. At least on Random Thoughts. Maybe I'll put up a poll since apparently people are too shy to comment. ;-) On Random Writings I will probably be doing a book review.

Wednesday (on Random Writings) Chapter Sixty of Shades of Errol Flynn. Jeez, just how long does it take one woman to get ready for a dinner? On Random Thoughts there’ll be a new hunk plus a hump day hussy for your viewing pleasure. ;-)

Thursday we have Chapter Twenty-five of Water (on Random Thoughts) where we see a little more of Ravi's training as an Elemental.

Friday My self-imposed holiday is winding down, so I will most likely be posting some kind of poetry on Random Writings. Whether or not I'm up to posting a flash piece on Random Thoughts is anybody's guess. :-)

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