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I didn't have time to come up with something new this week, so instead I thought I'd share the final few poems from the PAD challenge.

Day 26 Prompt: Write a poem involving miscommunication

Listening Skills

You say I don’t love you,
that’s not what I said.
You always confused
the words in your head.
You hear what you want to
instead of what’s true,
and though I speak plainly
you oft misconstrue.
Sometimes I have wondered
why I bother at all
my words are like water,
the rain in a fall,
and you are a desert
soaking up what I say
but still nothing growing,
the landscape is gray.
I live for the hope
that one day you will hear
the words I am saying,
their meaning now clear.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Day 28 Prompt: Write a Sestina or write about a sestina On Saturdays we were given two poetry prompts and we could do whichever one we wanted to . . . or both if we liked. This was the prompt that started me on my quest for poetry forms.

Writing A Sestina

You want me to write a sestina?
You’ve got to be a real dreamer!
Okay, I’ll give it a try,
though really I don’t know why.
My choice is to make my poems rhyme,
I do it all of the time.
No rhythm, no rhyme, it’s weird,
yet a strict form to which to adhere,
a gauntlet for someone to throw.
The challenge will help me to grow . . .
Write a sestina? Why not?
I’ll give it the best that I’ve got!

Drinking Down the Moon
(a sestina)

the night wind holds my spirit
as I drink down the moon
bathed in shards of light
with memory and dream
unleashing deep desires
of perfect inner silence

I revel in the silence
of a buoyancy of spirit
while fire burns my desires
still haunted by the moon
deep within a dream
becoming purest light

splinters, fragmented light
shivers in the silence
waking from the dream
with a longing of the spirit
worshiping the moon
as destiny desires

I follow my desires
they lead me to the light
in the shadow of the moon
where everything is silence
and hollow is the spirit
within the waking dream

embrace the way, the dream
fulfilling all desires
unfettering the spirit
and encompassing the light
where all around is silence
at peace to seek the moon

the dark night of the moon
illuminates the dream
while a symphony of silence
suppresses dark desires
with strands of silver light
spilling into spirit

I call the spirit of the moon
drenched in the light of a dream
suppressed desires wake in silence

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

And for the final prompt, we have: Write a poem starting with the word “never”


I never pledged forever
just a span of perfect days
I never wished to hurt you
but you knew I couldn’t stay.

I never should have spoken
when I saw you standing there
like a spirit you were beautiful
the moonlight in your hair.

I never should have wooed you
with words so honeyed sweet;
though you only half-believed me
I made you feel complete.

I never should have touched you
or lay with you that night
I never should have loved you
I knew it wasn’t right.

I was never meant to be here
you knew that from the start
and so we part forever
my gift to you my heart.

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