Mysophobia Monday

mysophobia ~ fear of contamination or dirt

Monday again. Where does the time go?

I had another mixed up week last week. It started out strong but ended poorly. I'm not sure exactly where it started to go wrong . . . extended coffee dates? Going to the library only to find that I couldn't find I couldn't get the key out of the car's ignition? Giving myself food poisoning? Maybe it was a combination of all of them. :-)

I did manage to get all my posts except the Flash fiction done last week, although my serial installments were late. I also got some editing in (not for myself), both a novel and a short story. I also got some writing done on a story, and some reading. And as a bonus, I even got to sit outside a couple of times and enjoy a more seasonable summer.

In case you missed it, I urge you to go to the Variety Pages. The lovely Jamie DeBree said some very nice things about me and my books. Some of them may even be true. ;-)

I spent a lot of time having coffee dates last week. This is very unusual for me as I normally go on a coffee date maybe once every few weeks and I went on three of them last week. I'd better watch myself. I may be in danger of losing my hermit status.

My Scribes group is making progress with our Progressive stories. I started Story 2, added my paragraph to Story 3, and I'll be adding to Story 7 today. There are 14 participants and 14 stories in total. The idea is to give each of us a chance to start a story and end a story. We're such a diverse group of writers that I'll be as interested to see how all these stories start as I will be to see how they end.

Everybody ready for the blue moon on Friday? I think I might celebrate with a Lotto Max ticket instead of my usual 6/49. Hey, you can't win if you don't play. ;-) Ironically, August's full moon is called the Full Red Moon, also the Sturgeon Moon because August is the month the most sturgeon are caught. It is also sometimes known as the Green Corn Moon or Grain Moon.

Okay, you know I can't resist the chance to research. Here's some more names for the moon(s) of August. In Colonial America it was known as the Dog Days Moon. The Celts called it the Dispute Moon. And the Neo-pagans called it the Lightening Moon.

Only four days left to enter the book giveaway on Goodreads. This giveaway is brought to you by Brazen Snake Books. Enter today for a chance to win one of two print copies of three new releases: Indelibly Inked, by Jamie DeBree; The Minister's Maid, by Jamie DeBree; and An Elemental Fire, by Carol R. Ward (aka, me!). That's two chances to win each book! Just click on the Brazen Snake name above and it'll take you to their contest page.

What’s Up This Week:
The schedule is up on the side bar, so I’m just giving the highlights here.

Tuesday On Random Thoughts I will be posting the sixth installment of Cheeses of the World, Blue Cheese. On Random Writings I will be doing a review of Sleeping With Dogs and Other Lovers, by Julia Dumont.

Wednesday (on Random Writings) Chapter Sixty-six of Shades of Errol Flynn. Uh, the king is dead. What's this going to mean for Jessica? On Random Thoughts there’ll be a hunk and a hussy for your viewing pleasure. ;-)

Thursday we have Chapter Thirty-one of Water (on Random Thoughts) where Ravi is one step closer to his first breeding.

Friday I will really, really try have a new poem for Random Writings, if not a new form. On Random Thoughts we'll see if I'm up for another new flash fiction.

As well I have a story to finish editing and a story to finish writing. I hesitate to commit to more than that because the hubby's on holidays this week and he tends to get under foot. ;-)

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