Sleeping in the Middle
by Kari Lee Harmon

When your life plan falls apart, you turn to plan B; but if you don’t have a plan B, then you turn to the Comfort Club. Four women. Four stories.

Zoe Robinson—a control freak mother of four—has been celibate for the past two years after her husband decided he didn’t want to be married anymore. She’s come to like sleeping in the middle and has no intention of shopping her granny panties and ultra-support bra around anytime soon. Her focus remains on taking her party planning business to the next level, despite her ruthless competition. Zoe is determined to succeed without the help of her persistent mother, her meddling comfort club sisters, or the charming doctor—Chaz Anderson—who’s more than willing to help with an offer she’s finding hard to refuse. As if that isn’t enough, a phone sex bandit is circulating 1-900-DO-ME-NOW flyers and Zoe’s rebellious daughter is the main suspect. Zoe must decide whether to stay in control and in the middle, or choose a side and let someone in.

This book was the perfect, light-hearted, summer time read.

I fell absolutely in love with Zoe. This poor woman. After twenty years of marriage her husband leaves to "find" himself. Zoe's left with four children to raise on her own, a fledgling business to get off the ground, and a mother who keeps pestering her to move to Florida.

Her support system is the Comfort Club, herself and three friends who were cheerleaders together in high school. Each woman is different in quirks and personality, which makes their bond as friends even better.

Zoe's friends think what she needs is sex, so they set her up on a blind date with a younger man that she knew in high school. Only the Dorkmeister has turned into Dr. Hunkorama and Zoe is determined to fight her attraction to him with everything she's got.

Her attempts to avoid the hunky doctor lead her from one embarrassing, yet hilarious, incident to another. There is an absolutely, pee-inducing, side-splitting scene about half way through the book involving Zoe and a vibrator her friends buy her. That scene alone is worth the price of the book.

Chaz is the perfect match for her, even if he is a younger man. He's sexy and patient and has a great sense of humour. He's also persistent, and did I mention patient? There's a great scene near the beginning where he invites her and her kids over for dinner for the first time, and Zoe tells her kids to "just be yourselves." If that isn't enough to scare him off, nothing is.

While some might point out that the ending was a little predictable, I would like to point out that this is a romance and we're pretty much guaranteed a HEA. But the way we get there was as unpredictable and funny as the rest of the book.

Sleeping in the Middle is definitely worth the $4.99 from Amazon. I look forward to the other books in this series.

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