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Tawddgyrch Cadwynog

I swear, some of these Welsh forms have names longer than the poems themselves!

There are 24 traditional Welsh forms of poetry, divided into the Awdl, or Odes, the Cywyddau, and the Englynion. Some day I would like to master all 24 Welsh forms, or at the very least the pronunciation of them all. For those who like to keep track of such things, Tawddgyrch Cadwynog is an Awdl and the 24th codified Welsh meter.

The Welsh love their internal (or as I like to call it, infernal) rhyme and this form is no exception. It's written in any number of quatrains and each line has eight syllables. The rhyme scheme is shown below:


This form actually wasn't as bad to work in as I anticipated. Maybe it's because the syllable counts between the rhymes were short. Or maybe there's a little more Welsh in me than I realized. ;-)

All Hallow's Eve

Fire of bone within the ring
does such a thing mean good or ill?
As stars are shown a voice will sing
and soon will bring the spirit's chill.

A door between the realms is made
where truth is weighed against the lie.
The spirit's seen, the ghost is laid
the price is paid and so we die.

If you're interested in learning more about Welsh poetry, a good place to start would be AllPoetry and their three part article by Julia H. West.

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