Private Parts
by Tori Carrington

He's getting the gift that keeps on giving...

Subject: Troy Metaxas. Intense—and intensely sexy—businessman. He never mixes business and pleasure… until he meets his sirenlike new lawyer!

Object: Kendall Banks. Hotshot attorney. Willing to do anything to save her family from ruin…no matter how devastating the cost!

Situation: They're fighting to rescue an economically beleaguered town…right before Christmas. They're also having mind-blowing sex that's so steamy they can hardly be in the same room without ripping off each other's clothes!

Unexpected maneuver: Troy discovers Kendall betrayed him…in business and in pleasure. Only one victor will emerge in this new personal battle…unless the spirit of the holidays inspires them to find a way they can both win—over and over again….

Private Parts was the second book in the 2 in 1 edition that was gifted me by Samantha Hunter. For my review of Samantha's book, I'll Be Yours For Christmas, go HERE

They say that opposites attract and in this case Kendall and Troy are definitely on opposite sides in the boardroom. He's attracted to her from the moment they meet in a coffee shop and that attraction certainly hadn't abated the first time they meet in the board room. And the attraction is more than mutual. You can almost feel sorry for Troy, because even though he believes you shouldn't mix business with pleasure, he doesn't stand a chance against Kendall's determination.

Although their meetings outside the board room are clandestine, they positively sizzle. But when everything falls apart you're left wondering if anything other than a Christmas miracle can set things right again.

This book is apparently the last one in a family series, and while I would like at some point to read the others, there was enough explanation that I could pretty much piece the story from the big picture together.

I enjoyed this book a great deal. I liked the family dynamics, the way Troy and Kendall were forced to sneak around, and the fact that they really didn't fool anyone in such a small town. And I really liked the way the town faced disaster, in more ways than one, and pulled together.

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