Magianism Monday

magianism ~ teachings or philosophy of the magi

Are you ready for Christmas? It's coming whether you like it or not!

I decided to cheat on my Christmas baking this year. I sent out invitations for a cookie exchange. That way I only have to bake one really big batch of cookies but I'll end up with a bunch of different kinds. :-) Being diabetic I really shouldn't be eating them anyway, and we don't really do entertaining over the holidays, so a cookie exchange is the perfect solution.

Today the tree is going up, come Hell or high water. Oh, don't judge me! I was sick most of last week so I didn't get much of anything done. I did watch a fair number of those smarmy Christmas movies and I read a book or two on my Kindle . . . and I napped a lot. ;-)

We've had a couple of cold days, but no snow to speak of. We did get a crap load of rain though. It's mid December. Where's my freaking snow! As I was typing this at 2 a.m. last night, it was 7 C (45 F). Not exactly snow weather. Although we are supposed to get a mix of rain and snow for the apocalypse Friday and if we're still around on Saturday it's going to be cold enough for snow that sticks.

Are you ready for the apocalypse? And have you seen the lengths some people have gone to so they can survive the apocalypse if it happens? I've been browsing through a few of these "preparing for the apocalypse" sites and the most interesting thing I've learned is that nondairy creamer (the stuff for your coffee) will explode upon contact with a spark. The things you learn on the internet!

This week I'll be baking spritz cookies for the cookie exchange ('cause they're my favourite) and maybe a couple of other varieties just in case no one shows up for the cookie exchange. ;-) And I have to make gingerbread 'cause it's so yummy (the actual bread, not the cookie - gingerbread cookies are only fun to make if you have kids around to decorate them).

I have a few Christmas crafts to finish up . . . decorations for the tree mostly. I have a Christmas wreathe I started a few years ago that has a stuffed reindeer head sticking out of it, but even if I get it finished I have no idea where I'd put it. It's fabric, so I don't want to put it on the front door with all the rain we've been having.

What’s Up This Week:
The schedule is up on the side bar, so I’m just giving the highlights here.

Tuesday On both blogs I will find something humorous to post. Maybe a couple of somethings. :-)

Wednesday (on Random Writings) I'll be posting the chapter links of the draft version of Shades of Errol Flynn for the last time, so catch up before it's gone. On Random Thoughts there’ll be a Christmasy hunk for your viewing pleasure. ;-)

Thursday Chapter 46 of Water. I fooled you last week, didn't I? But Dr. Arjun is still very much in charge so every once in awhile he has to have his say. But things are going to be seriously heating up for Taja and Ravi before Operation Retrieval goes into effect.

Friday on both blogs there will be more Christmas music videos. :-)

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