Metempirical Monday

metempirical ~ beyond the scope of knowledge

Is anyone else out there messed up because of the holidays? What's up with this "work a day, have a couple of days off, work a couple of days, have another couple of days off"? It's very confusing!

In any case, my days are totally messed up. My weekend definitely did not go as planned. Saturday felt like Sunday because my family and I drove up to Hamilton, in a snowstorm, to visit my sister and her family. We spent more time travelling that we did visiting. The driving was pretty hairy. Thankfully, I didn't have to do any of it. :-)

I don't know what yesterday felt like, but for some unknown reason I got the urge to organize my craft closet so I spent the afternoon and part of the evening plugging away at that. Hopefully I'll get it finished today. This is a huge storage closet and it's jam-packed with craft supplies - mostly wool and fabric. I will be posting pictures on Facebook when it's finished.

I had actually planned to have my list of goals for 2013 done for today, but as I said I got my days messed up and then I got distracted by the closet. (Did I mention it's a big closet?) So I'll be doing the New Year's goals post tomorrow. You know, on New Year's.

Something else I'd planned for today . . . I'm planning to rename and revamp Random Writings and use it as my main blog. Probably for this week I will post duplicate posts on Random Thoughts, but after this week the only new posts on Random Thoughts will be the installments of Water for those of you who've subscribed to the posts. Don't worry, I'll make sure I leave a message pinned to the top of Random Thoughts explaining what's going on, and I'll include a link to Random Writings in case you need one.

Oh! And just because it's been a long time since I've had a good, old fashioned rant, I have one for this holiday season. Why do all these TV channels have marathons of shows no one wants to watch? Two weeks of marathons and the only ones worth watching were Doctor Who, the Big Bang Theory, and Star Trek: TNG. Even the movies on TV are the same ones over and over again. A little variety, if you please! /end rant. :-)

What I'll Be Up to This Week:

Tuesday: Goals for 2013
Wednesday: Hump Day Hunk
Thursday: Chapter 47 of Water
Friday: I have no clue. What can I say? It's 3 a.m. as I'm writing this (I remembered I need a post for Monday just as I was turning in).

Maybe I'll do a post about my craft closet on Friday. I'm documenting it on film, just as a reminder to never let the closet get that messy again. And to impress everyone with my organizational skills. LOL

Have a safe and happy New Year's Eve!

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