Morioplasty Monday

morioplasty restoration of lost parts of the body

Wow, it's December. How in the world did that happen? You sure couldn't tell by the weather. It's warm and rainy. It doesn't exactly put me in a Christmasy mood.

As you can see by the word count widget to your left, I did manage to make a come-back and crossed the NaNo finish line with a couple hundred words to spare. Unfortunately, the novel itself is far from finished, but I can take my time with it now.

If I had to sum up this year's NaNo in one word, that word would be stress. I don't know if was the insanely long span of grey miserable weather, the fact that I was writing in a linear fashion instead of jumping around like my previous NaNos, or the fact I was writing the sequel to a book that wasn't quite finished yet, but this was the most stressful NaNo ever.

As the month progressed and I found myself falling further behind, I found myself cutting more and more things out of my life - something I didn't have to do in previous NaNos. By the final week my husband was lucky he got supper on his bowling nights - the rest of the week he got to make supper. E-mails went unanswered, Facebook was ignored, even the puppies and kittens on the web cams went unviewed.

Which is why I'm doing a bare bones blogging for the month of December. I'm not doing book reviews, but I will be taking the time to get some reading in. I will not be doing poetry posts, although I may post my Night Before Christmas parody at some point. I will not be posting any flash fiction.

What I will be doing is a modified blog schedule with re-postings, seasonal postings, and yes, I will be continuing with Water.

What I will be using my break time for is to de-stress, catch up on my e-mail and blog readings, get my diet and exercise back on track, and maybe even a few mundane things like crochetting and Christmas crafts and baking. Oh, and editing. Lots and lots of editing. For me there's no better way to de-stress than editing. ;-)

I've already started the de-stressing process by being a lazy couch potato (or perhaps that should be chair turnip since I spent most of it in my easy chair) this past weekend. I read Forests of the Heart, by Charles de Lint (which I highly recommend to any one who enjoys urban fantasy, fantasy, or just a damn good book) and I've just started Fifty Shades of Grey (which I'm not impressed with so far).

There's something else for me to do during my break - get my Goodreads updated. Now there's a scary thought! :-)

What’s Up This Week:
The schedule is up on the side bar, so I’m just giving the highlights here.

Tuesday On both blogs I will find something humorous to post.

Wednesday (on Random Writings) I'll continue to post the chapter links for Shades of Errol Flynn so you can catch up before it's gone. On Random Thoughts there’ll be a Christmasy hunk for your viewing pleasure. ;-)

Thursday Chapter 44 of Water in which I have no idea what will happen 'cause I have no idea where I left off. ;-)

Friday on both blogs there will be a Christmasy post. Perhaps with music videos. :-)

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