The Muses - Part IV

Erato is the Muse of lyric poetry, in particular love poems. The name Erato is derived from the Greek word eratos, which means the lovely or passionate. She is said to turn those men who follow her into men who are desirable and worthy to be loved; she favours those who write love poems.

She is something of a romantic, and enjoys people a great deal, particularly their humour, charity and warmth. She provides both inspiration and guidance to those who wish to explore various aspects of the arts, hoping to help them recognize their potential as story tellers, poets and historians.

Often being found writing romantic stories or poems, Erato is a bit of an idealist, always looking for the bright side to any situation. She married King Malos of Malea, and had one daughter, named Kleophema.

Erato is the Muse to call upon if you wish to write poetry or lyrics.

She is most often portrayed holding a lyre in her hands, usually with a wreath in her hair. Sometimes she's shown holding a golden arrow instead, a reminder of the days she spent with Eros, entertaining themselves by shooting arrows at random people to make them fall in love on a whim.

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