the Muses - Part V

Euterpe is the Muse of lyric poetry and music. The name Euterpe comes from the Greek words eu and terpo, which mean "giver of much delight." She is well named, because she brings delight and joy to everyone who hears her sing. Two of her favourite pastimes are singing and playing the flute.

She doesn't limit her blessings to just poetry and music, but includes all forms of expression, believing everyone has their own unique talent in the arts. Always conscious of the feelings of others, she inspires them to unlock their heart's desire through creative expression. Her arms are always open to those who wish to share their thoughts and feelings.

The river god Strymon was her lover, and she bore him a son named Rhesus. According to Homer's Iliad, Rhesus was a hero who led a band of Thracians and was killed by Diomedes at Troy.

True lovers of music turn to Euterpe for inspiration. She is usually shown holding an aulos, which is a type of ancient Greek flute, and she is often surrounded by many other instruments as well.

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