Mammonism Monday

mammonism ~ devotion to pursuit of wealth

Can I have a do-over for last week? Pretty please?

I wasn't any more ambitious last week than I was the week before. In fact, I might have been even worse than the week before, if such a thing is possible. But on the up side, it appears that my reading binge is officially over. All it took was a book on my Kindle that ticked me off to the point that if it had been paperback I would have thrown it across the room and then burned it. I wanted to reach in there and smack the characters upside the head and then hunt down the author and do the same to her.

I haven't been super vigilant in regards to my eating habits and exercising, and it shows in the fact that the needle on the bathroom scale hasn't budged. So I decided to step up the exercise a bit. I'm still riding the stationary bike, but at a faster pace and every other day I'm going to use the rowing machine instead.

I also decided to step up the healthier eating and included a greater variety of veggies when we grocery shopped on Friday. Some are for when I'm craving something crunchy to snack on - I even have low fat dressing to dip them in. The rest I can use in stir fries or soup for my lunches this week. You might wonder why I haven't been eating more veggies all along . . . It's not that I have anything against vegetables per se, I just tend to forget they're in the crisper until they've turn to mush. :-)

As far as my crafts go . . . Remember the sweater the cat pulled off my knitting needles? Well I actually got it fed back on the needles again, but after knitting a few rows I realized I had not, in fact, figured out where I was in the pattern after all. One of the cables running up the front of the sweater was a little off. So I unravelled down to the ribbing (only sniffling a little as I did so) and then started again. I've only got about three inches done but every time I pull it out the guilty cat decides he wants to snuggle on the foot of my chair and I don't want to take the chance of him snagging it again, so I put it away. I'm sure it's only coincidence that once I put it away he wanders off again. ;-)

I did another ruffley scarf on the weekend. My daughter requested a blue one, but I couldn't find any blue in the Red Heart Sashay yarn, so I had to go with the Bernat Twist & Twirl, which I don't like nearly as much. The scarf turned out better than I thought it would though. Now I'm doing one in a red to purple in the Sashay.

It's going to be a busy week this week. On top of all my regular writing and editing I promised to meet with a friend today to help her set up a Paypal account and a blog; tomorrow my hubby's aunt is coming over so I can help her set up her new lap top; and Wednesday I have a writer's group meeting for which I'm supposed to have a St. Patrick's Day themed story done. I really should start that soon. I fully intend for it to double as my story for this month's Absolute Write blog chain. :-)

Blog Stuff For the Week:

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Weekly Words

You'd think with my reading binge over I'd have time for all kinds of extra writing, wouldn't you? Alas, my moodiness turned into a black hole from which I only started to emerge on the weekend. And then I had so much to do on the weekend I didn't have much time for extras. We'll try again next week. ;-)

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