Blitz Poem

I actually wrote a new poem for today's tribute to National Poetry Month. It's a form called The Blitz and it's a lot of fun to do. It's 50 lines, but don't let that stop you from giving it a try.

To start jot down a phrase or image, just a couple of words. Line two starts with the same word as line one. Lines three and four start with the last word of line two and line five starts with the last word from line four. Continue in this fashion until you have 48 lines. Line 49 is the last word of line 48 and line 50 is the last word of line 47.

The title must be only three words, with some sort of preposition or conjunction joining the first word from the third line to the first word from the 47th line, in that order. There should be no punctuation.

When you're writing a Blitz poem, it helps if you write it as quickly as possible - think of it like one of those word association test psychiatrists use. Go ahead and give it a try . . . I dare you. :-)

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Write With You

can't think
can't write
write on
write away
away with you
away with it all
all right
all left
left of the middle
left alone
alone in space
alone in time
time is now
time and again
again I'm stuck
again I move
move away
move on
on the left
on the right
right is might
right is wrong
wrong word
wrong time
time is now
time fort tea
tea cosy
tea for two
two cups
two hearts
hearts aplenty
hearts apart
apart from me
apart from you
you are here
you are there
there you come
there you go
go for broke
go away
away with you now
away with you then
then it goes
then it comes
comes to me
come to you
you alone
you and I

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