Musteline Monday

musteline ~ of, like or pertaining to weasels, martens and badgers

Apparently Mother Nature is not done messing with us. I don't know about you folks, but in my little corner of the world we got slammed pretty good with an ice storm on Thursday last week. And I have proof!

That's the view from my back deck. And actually, we got off pretty lucky. There were trees down everywhere - massive amounts of damage. Just north of us people were without power all weekend. It was crazy! Then yesterday was sunny (for the most part) and today the temperature is supposed to be on the rise again.

I honestly don't know where my week went last week - other than plugging away at the edits on Magical Misfire and working on the tax returns for my family . . . I definitely made up for it on the weekend though.

Saturday morning I had to get up early to drive my son-in-law to Oshawa so he could write a couple of exams. And what better place to wait for him than in the Starbucks attached the Chapters bookstore in the mall? All the tea I could drink (as long as my money held out) and I finished the hard copy edits of Magical Misfire. Now I just have to make the changes on the electronic version.

Sunday I was determined to finish the family's income tax returns. I was up early and by mid-afternoon I had finished and filed the forms for everyone but me. Mine kept showing an error.

However, I had no more time to spend on them. I had filled my crock pot with kidney beans the night before and I needed to turn them into chili for supper. We were also having taco salad and taco pie, which meant a crap load of peeling, shredding and dicing. It seemed like a good idea at the time. ;-)

Then late in the evening I got back to my taxes and finally pulled out my return from last year to see if I could figure out what the problem was. There was only one difference between the two returns so I made an adjustment and boom - I was able to netfile. Have I mentioned how much I hate taxes?

Blog Stuff For the Week:

Tuesday: Another poem. Maybe even another form, but don't count on it. :-)
A new Hump Day Hunk for your viewing pleasure.
Thursday: Chapter 62 of Water - what's next for Ravi and Taja?
Friday: Part three of my short story Cold Cure.

Other Stuff For the Week

There is a Poetry Festival in my town this week, and although I can't afford to go to the main events, I hope to make it to the young poets reading on Thursday, which is free.

I'm pretty sure my turn for the Absolute Write Blog Chain will be coming up this week. The topic is April Fool and although I said I had an idea last week, it's way too long so I'm back to square one. I might do a non-fiction piece instead of my usual fiction.

Now that the odious taxes are behind me, it's time to turn my attention to my business website. There's a few changes to be made and some promoting to be done. And speaking of promoting . . .

The lovely and prolific Jamie DeBree has just release her fabulous new book, Sleep With Me.

Falling in love isn't easy and for Kathrine Gibson, neither is falling asleep. Her insomnia has gotten so bad that when her friend suggests an unconventional treatment plan Katherine is just desperate enough to try it. But the execution is harder than she expected, and soon she finds herself stranded on a deserted island with the one man on earth intent on resisting her pleas for help. Sleep, love, and life itself hang in the balance in this stormy tropical romance from the author of Tempest and The Biker's Wench.

You can purchase your e-copy for $2.99 from Brazen Snake Books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance Books, Smashwords, and Kobo.

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