Mucroniform Monday

mucroniform ~ like, having or resembling a sharp point

You know, we were supposed to get the bedding plants and plant them on the weekend, but the weather was very uncooperative. It is so cold we are still in the danger of getting frost. Frost! And while it probably wouldn't be a heavy enough frost to kill the plants, we didn't really want to take the chance.

I blame myself. We had one really nice day in a row last week and on a whim I broke out the nail polish and painted my toenails. You know, 'cause it was sandal weather and who doesn't like to paint their toenails in sandal weather? And for those inquiring minds, the colour I chose is called Plutonium Plum. ;-)

I have to tell you. I had a proud mother moment last week. My hubby took me to see Start Trek Into Darkness on Monday - the first time we've been to the movies in years. When we got home I found an email from our daughter asking if I wanted to see the Star Trek movie the following night. Being a big time Trekkie, of course I said yes. My daughter figured out who the villain really was before he revealed his name, just like I did. I've never been so proud. *wipes away a tear* LOL

I blew off the poetry group meeting so I could see Star Trek the second time. As I've mentioned before I've been struggling a bit with my poetry this year, and quite honestly the dynamic of the group has changed and I'm not getting the enjoyment out of it that I used to. I don't know if the two are connected - I guess only time will tell.

Again, other than blog posts, I got very little writing done last week. I didn't get much in the way of crocheting done either. I did spend a lot of time in the kitchen - baking and cleaning up mostly.

I gave the bread machine a try . . . It was stupidly easy to use and unfortunately I got really good results. I say unfortunately because I'm not supposed to have white bread. That's not going to stop me from making more though. ;-)

Then on Saturday I realized the bread machine couldn't stay on the stove forever, it needed a home of its own. I'm not sure why this lead to me emptying the lower cupboards in my kitchen - both the one that's hard to get into beside the stove that holds my bake-ware, serving trays and assorted crap, and the easier to get into one that holds my flour, sugar, rice, crackers, cookie cans and other assorted crap.

Anyway, I ended up with a large bag of garbage, another of recycling, and a box of stuff to be donated. And two very well organized cupboards, with the bake-ware easier to get at. As for the bread machine, it now has a place of honour on top of the refrigerator. :-)

Blog Stuff For the Week:

Tuesday: Part four in my series on the Major Arcana of the Tarot will be The Empress. And starting this week I'm adding back links to previous installments in this series.
A new Hump Day Hunk for your viewing pleasure.
Thursday: Chapter 68 of Water. Do I hear the sounds of an imminent volcanic eruption?
Friday: This week's Random Ramblings will a public service piece on the ellipsis and its use. :-)

Other Stuff For the Week

Didn't get my research on volcanoes done last week, so that moves up the priority list for this week. I'm hoping I'll finally get some use on that set of Geology books I bought from Reader's Digest years ago.

Still haven't caught up on Goodreads, but I did actually get some reading in. My daughter loaned me the last two books in the Sookie Stackhouse series so I read Deadlocked over the weekend. I have no idea why, but the book put me in a really, really bad mood so I'm hesitant to read Dead Ever After.

I also hesitate to make plans for writing this week because every time I do something comes along to upset the apple cart. So let's just say I'll be making a valiant effort to find my focus again.

And of course when I'm not writing or procrastinating, I will be working on the edits for Magical Misfire. Upon taking a more careful look at it I can see that after letting it sit for far too long, I rushed the rewrites. So there's lots to fix.


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