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So . . . a couple of weeks ago I had some time to kill on a Saturday morning, so I turned on the TV and I have just one question - where the heck did the Saturday morning cartoons go?? Other than the regular programming on the three kids networks, there was nothing animated to be had.

The Global network ran fishing shows. CITY TV ran a variety of ethnic programming. ABC offered Good Morning America, followed by several other news magazine shows. CBC had Weekend Wake Up! NBC had something called Today. And even FOX let me down - it was showing paid programming.

When I was a kid, the best part about the weekend was the Saturday morning cartoons. From 7 a.m. until almost noon, I'd be glued to the television set watching Thundaar the Barbarian, Space Ghost, Rocket Robin Hood, and Beanie and Cecil. There were the Flintstones and their counterparts the Jetsons; Top Cat and Johnny Quest; Casper the Friendly Ghost and Woody Woodpecker.

One of my all time favorites was Roger Ramjet

And who could forget Super Chicken?

Even on Sundays we had Rocky and Bullwinkle, Bugs Bunny, and the awesome Rocketship 7, with Commander Tom and Promo the Robot who showed us a variety of Warner Brothers cartoons along with such gems as Gumby, and Davy and Goliath. Rocky and Bullwinkle was unique in that it presented the adventures of the squirrel and moose (usually versus the villains Boris and Natasha) in a serialized form, with stories about Peabody & Sherman, Fractured Fairy Tales, and Dudley Do-Right slotted in between episodes.

Kids today are growing up without Felix the Cat, Huckleberry Hound, and Yogi Bear. Maybe that's what's wrong with kids today. They're not being allowed to take the time to be kids anymore. There's no more cartoons for them to watch on Saturday mornings. What a sad world we live in.

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