Mucivorous Monday

mucivorous ~ feeding on plant juices

We finally got a nice day last week. Yesterday. It was very good timing. My daughter was making brunch for ten and she was counting on sunny skies so we could eat outside. Guess we know who has all the luck in the family. ;-)

Brunch meant my afternoon was free, and rather than catch up on some of the billions of things I'm behind on, I chose to spend my afternoon out on the deck sipping wine and reading. And taking pictures of the blue jays, ducks, and squirrels who came to visit me. Like this guy:

As of 1:30 a.m. (when I was writing this last night) it's supposed to rain today but be nice for the rest of the week. Cross your fingers for me. :-)

Last week got off to a rocky start. I had a hard time focusing on anything until I finished reading the Key Trilogy, by Nora Roberts. While I really enjoyed the series I was a little disappointed that as well as being experts in their fields, her three main characters were all drop dead gorgeous. I'm sure it could have worked just as well with women who were a little less perfect looking.

I had no social obligations until Saturday last week, so I really thought I'd get a lot of writing done. It's strange the way things work out sometimes, isn't it? In other words, I didn't get nearly as much done as I'd hope to. :-)

Blog Stuff For the Week:

Tuesday: Part five in my series on the Major Arcana of the Tarot will be The Hierophant. You might note that the numbers of the series part now match the card. ;-)
A new Hump Day Hunk for your viewing pleasure.
Thursday: Chapter 70 of Water. Things are hotter than ever for Ravi and Taja. And where is Nereida?
Friday: This week's Random Ramblings will either be about plants or a picture essay on my little wildlife friends. Maybe both. ;-)

Other Stuff For the Week

I've got two meetings to attend this week. One is a business meeting for my poetry group. The other is a meeting with my writer's group.

I finally got a start on the genre story I was supposed to write for my writing group. Will I get it finished by Wednesday? I guess it all depends on how well I can focus.

I've rethought the possibility of a poetry anthology in time for my reading in July, but if there's time to do it I'll have to have it put together this week if I'm going to have copies to sell during the reading. It will also depend on whether or not I have enough completed poems that I like for an anthology.

Weather permitting, I want to spend an hour or so each day out on the deck reading. I tend to binge read, which means I go for days without reading anything, and then do nothing but read for several days. I need to learn to pace myself. And as an added bonus I can soak up some natural vitamin D.

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