Happy Canada Day!

Is everyone enjoying their holiday weekend? And by everyone, I mean all my fellow Canadians. You Yankees have to wait for your long weekend. :-)

Most of my weekend has been pretty quiet, although we'll be going down to the beach tonight to watch the fireworks, along with pretty much everyone else in our town. We live about a twenty minute walk away from the beach (if you take the shortcut behind the high school and cut through another park) so we just need to take some chairs with us.

Because of our great location, we usually get friends and/or family parking here rather than taking the chance of finding a spot closer. Picture thousands of cars and only hundreds of parking spaces. And then after the fireworks you have all those cars trying to leave at the same time. It's like a town-wide traffic jam.

Didn't get any more knitting done last week, although I did bake eight dozen cookies yesterday. And why did I do this? Because for my grown daughter's birthday last year she got a TARDIS cookie jar and I promised to make her a different batch of cookies every month for a year. I missed June, so I did June and July together (two different kinds of cookies), and then decided why should she be the only one to get cookies? So I doubled the batches and now my TARDIS is filled too. :-)

We've had enough rain so far that we've only had to water the gardens a couple of times, but they're doing really well. Not as well as the plants in my terrarium though. They've grown twice as much in one week as the same plants in my pond garden have in three weeks. Seriously! And one of the ones in the back has a really pretty, pale mauve flower on it.

Besides being Canada Day, this is also my anniversary. And this is what my sweet hubby got me:

Isn't he cute? I think every pond should have a dragon spitting water into it! :-)

Blog Stuff For the Week:

Tuesday: Part eight in my series on the Major Arcana of the Tarot will be Strength.
A special hunk for all my Yankee friends. ;-)
Thursday: Chapter 73 of Water. I think Ravi and Taja are going to have their hands full this week.
Friday: Another mystery Ramble. In other words, once again I have no clue what I'm going to talk about.

Other Stuff For the Week

No meetings, but now I've got two genre stories to finish for my writers group. A horror story written to a picture of a woman in a pond or lake, and a romance involving a carousel. I've got a good start to the horror story, and I really need to push myself to get it done.

The poemwork for last week's poetry meeting was to write a poem from the point of view of an inanimate object. At first I was going to just blow it off, but then an hour before the meeting I had a sudden inspiration and dashed off a poem. This has inspired me to want to finish the parody of The Raven I started earlier in the year so I'm adding it to this week's project list.

Edits, edits, and more edits to Magical Misfire. While I got some done on the weekend I didn't get as much done as I'd have liked, it being a holiday weekend and all. But because it's still a holiday today there's no reason I can't spend my time however I like - which will be in my office, hard at work.

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