Minnesinger Monday

minnesinger ~ medieval troubadour or poet

The good news is, I finally finished the latest rounds of edits on Magical Misfire. The bad news is that I've changed so much (adding 3,000 words in the process), that I'm going to have to go over it again to make sure it makes sense. *sigh*

Wanna see the cover? Silly question, of course you do!

Isn't it awesome? I have the lovely and talented Jamie DeBree to thank for it. So thank you Jamie! :-)

I finished knitting the front of my cotton sweater and it's all cast off. It is just the perfect length (for me) and the stripe looks really good. I've started the back and am about three or four inches past the ribbing.

I mentioned before that I have a limited amount of the main colour of this yarn. I'm pretty sure that originally I had two packages with three balls each. At one point I'd started crocheting octagons that I was going to sew together for a shawl or something, so while the front of the side I've done looks fine, the back is riddled with yarn ends where I've had to splice the yarn from unravelled octagons.

You might need to click on the picture to make it bigger to see the detail of all those loose ends.

I went to a writers group meeting at Tim Horton's last week and we found it was a good alternative to the park. For one thing it had lots of coffee/tea and clean washrooms. ;-)

I also went to a poetry reading where one of our local poets was having a book launch. Everyone seemed to have a good time, although it ran a little on the long side.

Blog Stuff For the Week:

Tuesday: Part fourteen in my series on the Major Arcana of the Tarot is Temperance.
A new hump day hunk for your viewing pleasure. ;-)
Thursday: Chapter 79 of Water. Seriously. No more excuses. They're getting out of that volcano this week if I have to go in and drag them out!
Friday: This week's Ramble will be a grammarly one, and that's all I'm saying at this point. Unless I come up with a better idea. :-)

Other Stuff

This week's TraxTime report runs from August 11 through August 17.

Crafts - 6 hours and 45 minutes ~ up from 4 hrs and 47 min
Emails - 6 hours and 39 minutes ~ up from 5 hrs and 42 min
Games - 12 hours and 26 minutes ~ way up from 7 hrs and 38 min
Reading - 2 hour and 59 minutes ~ way up from 1 hr and 13 min
Non-fiction - 7 hours and 00 minutes ~ down from 8 hrs and 24 min
Fiction - 3 hours and 29 minutes ~ about the same - 3 hrs and 42 min
Editing - 17 hours and 26 minutes ~ way up from 11 hrs and 36 min

Everything went up except my non-fiction time. But I have to wonder how accurate that particular time is. It's supposed to include research, but sometimes if I'm doing fiction writing or editing I need to look stuff up on the internet, and technically that's research. And I don't bother punching in and out to switch projects when I do. Maybe I need to keep track on a notepad and then add/subtract from the totals accordingly.

Those pesky Fiction times still aren't really moving upwards yet. Maybe now that I'm taking a break from the intensive editing on Magical Misfire I'll be able to focus a little more on some of my other stories

But lest you think I'm abandoning editing . . . I have a juicy novel from my favorite author I can't wait to sink my teeth into. After all, I have to thank her somehow for those 600-odd comments she made on my novel. ;-)

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