Mystagogical Monday

mystagogical ~ of, like or pertaining to religious ritual initiation

Happy Autumn, everyone! Yes, I know it actually started yesterday, but it still brings a smile to my face. I love the fall! I love the HD quality of the sun, I love the cooler weather and lack of insects, and I love the changing leaves.

Of course this being Canada, we had a last gasp (I hope!) from summer last week. Starting about Wednesday it began getting steadily warmer and more humid until it was so hot when I went to bed Friday night that I turned on the fan in the bedroom. Then Saturday night it cooled down enough that I was pulling on the extra blanket.

So . . . the early part of last week involved a lot of napping and not feeling well. Wednesday I spent the better part of the day with social obligations, but rallied later in the afternoon to start getting some work done. Thursday, however, I went on a road trip I agreed to go on early in the summer. To find out how a five-hour trip turned into a nine-hour trip, you'll have to tune in Friday. ;-)

Summer is officially over, and not just because the calendar says so. Yesterday the new cover finally went on the pool and it is closed for business. The little forest creatures in the neighbourhood will be happy because it's easier for them to get a drink of water off the tarp than out of the pool itself. Plus they don't have to deal with all that chlorine.

Blog Stuff For the Week:

Tuesday: Part nineteen in my series on the Major Arcana of the Tarot is The Sun.
A new hump day hunk for your viewing pleasure. ;-)
Thursday: Chapter 84 of Water. Will Ravi be able to stop the tsunami? Maybe, maybe not. ;-)
Friday: The ramble this week may will be about last week's road trip. With pictures!

Other Stuff

This week's TraxTime report runs from September 15 through September 21.

Crafts - 6 hours and 32 minutes ~ down from 7 hrs and 48 min
Emails - 4 hours and 59 minutes ~ way down from 10 hrs and 00 min
Games - 5 hours and 25 minutes ~ up from 4 hrs and 46 min
Reading - 4 hour and 30 minutes ~ down from 6 hr and 30 min
Non-fiction - 12 hours and 56 minutes ~ up from 9 hrs and 39 min
Fiction - 12 hours and 23 minutes ~ down from 14 hrs and 44 min
Editing - 7 hours and 32 minutes ~ way up from 0 hrs and 0 min
Poetry - 0 hours and 0 minutes ~ way down from 2 hrs and 15 min

To be honest, if it hadn't been for shows like Bones and Sleepy Hollow, I wouldn't have done much in the way of crafts. However, I have half of one of the sleeves of my Fair Isle sweater done, and with all the new seasons of shows starting this week I'm confident I'll get the first sleeve finished and the second one at least started.

I must not have been very chatty last week because I only spent about half the time on E-mails compared to last week. Or maybe I'm just typing faster. My gaming time was only slightly up - which was nice to see. I don't know if I've been too busy for games or I'm just getting bored with them. Doesn't matter, just so long as that time stays down. :-)

Again my Non-fiction time is high. I've been trying to journal on a regular basis and I think it shows. And I was also doing a lot of research on tsunamis - they're actually quite interesting, even if they wouldn't do what I want them to. LOL

No Poetry last week, but I got another couple of chapters of Water re-written as well as adding to the draft version. And I got some editing in on top of that. All in all, I'd say last week was a winner. :-)

This week I will be doing more editing, more writing and re-writing, and I might even work in some poetry time along with my reading and knitting. But NO ROAD TRIPS! ;-)

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