Metronymy Monday

metronymy ~ system of naming after the mother's or female line

Another Monday? Already? How did that happen?

Anybody else suffer from what I call Seasonal Transition? I don't know if there's a clinical name for it, but it happens in both the spring and the fall - a complete lack of focus and energy that goes on for a week or two and then disappears. That was me last week.

However, I still managed to get some stuff done. Not as much as I'd like, but overall it wasn't a bad week. I'm at about 11 or 12 inches on the body of my second Fair Isle sweater, with only about 5 to go before I start the sleeves. And between naps and general procrastinating I got a decent amount of writing done.

The weather was, for the most part, still sunny, but coolish. I guess when the temperature inside the house hovers around the 60 F mark during the day it's time to think about turning the heat on. Either that or hunt up a pair of slippers to wear with my socks. And the temperature has dropped so low at night that I've half-closed the bedroom window. :-)

Over the summer, the hubby noticed his recliner was excessively damp at times. We put this down to the excessively damp weather we had, but over the weekend I discovered the true culprit. It was raining pretty hard on Saturday, I sat down in his chair (which is closer to the TV) to grate some cheese, and all of a sudden I felt a splash on my arm. I looked up and sure enough, there was a small crack in the ceiling above his chair and it was leaking water. We figure the leak must be coming from where the lower roof (over the living room) meets the side of the second story, so hopefully it won't be too hard (or costly) to fix. And this is hard on the heels of being told we need a major brake job done on the car. *sigh* If it's not one thing, it's another!

Blog Stuff For the Week:
Tuesday: The first sign in my Zodiac series is Aries.
A new hump day hunk for your viewing pleasure. ;-)
Thursday: Chapter 88 of Water. They're saved! Now what?
Friday: This week I'll be posting about the different kinds of vampires you may encounter on Halloween.

And speaking of Halloween . . . Don't forget to check out Alex Westhaven's Month O'Screams! There's lots of great, sometimes scary, stuff for you to check out. And if you missed them, be sure to go back and read the stories and excerpts from last week. And leave a comment for a chance to win a great prize!

Other Stuff
This week's TraxTime report runs from October 13 through October 19.
Crafts - 5 hours and 53 minutes ~ way down from 20 hrs and 10 min
Emails - 4 hours and 38 minutes ~ down from 6 hrs and 12 min
Games - 6 hours and 35 minutes ~ down from 8 hrs and 47 min
Reading - 7 hour and 58 minutes ~ way up from 2 hr and 50 min
Non-fiction - 9 hours and 28 minutes ~ up from 8 hrs and 35 min
Fiction - 10 hours and 37 minutes ~ up from 8 hrs and 02 min

I'm thinking I might have missed logging a couple of sessions of the knitting last week, because I know I watched more than six hours of TV (which is when I get my knitting done). Although I might have been reading while watching TV instead.

And isn't it funny how the reading time goes up when you start reading a book you can't seem to put down? Such was the case with Somebody Tell Aunt Tilly She's Dead, by Christiana Miller, who was interviewed on Alex Westhaven's blog HERE. The book was the perfect read for Halloween, by the way. It was both spine-tingling and funny.

But over all I was down by about ten hours last week, which puzzled me until I realized I got no writing done last Sunday, and Sundays are generally one of my big writing days.

I did keep track of the number of words I wrote, and it came to a total of 8623 words. Next week I'll try and remember to make a breakdown of them. Now while a 8623 total seems respectable enough, it doesn't come close to the 11,669 extra words I'll need to be writing each week in November. Yikes!

My goal for the weekend had been to get those journal entries for Water finished, and I'll tell you right now that didn't even come close to happening. And why didn't it happen? Because I had a SNI (shiny new idea) that wouldn't leave me alone.

Maybe I should have been wearing my writing hat to keep me on track. ;-)

Speaking of my writing hat . . . if you're on my FB and have "liked" my author's page (Carol R Ward, author), you will have seen I finally came out from behind the camera for a picture - that includes my writing hat. If you know me at all you know that pictures are something I try to avoid, but this time I really had no choice.

I was invited to participate in a local poetry event, Window Anthology, Vol.2. This features 12 local poets who each have a poem (and their picture) up in the windows of an empty store front on the main street of our town. So if you're down town in Cobourg, check me out in the bottom left corner of the old Garner's Florist window. :-)

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