Macrocephalous Monday

macrocephalous ~ having a large head

As you can see, I'm still alive. The mega-death-cold-from-hell has been reduced to plugged sinuses that tend to affect both my hearing and my balance, and the occasional hacking-up-a-lung cough.

What I need is an infusion of sunlight to get back on track. On top of the mega-death-cold-from-hell, the weather has been pretty much cold and overcast. And anyone who's read this blog for any length of time knows how well I do with any kind of grey weather - which is not well at all.

Worse than the cold was the all but total lack of energy and focus last week. I spent a lot of time napping during the day. A LOT of time. Which is probably why I found I was getting most of my writing done in the wee small hours of the night.

The story itself I'm working on for NaNo is well named. Wandering Wizards is truly wandering . . . all over the place. Part of the problem is that I haven't finished the book that comes before it. And without knowing where that one ends, it's hard to know where this one should begin. Or what should happen in it.

I think I might have too many characters to deal with, and a couple of them haven't quite decided how they're going to react to the situation they find themselves in, while two others won't shut up long enough to go do what they need to do.


Blog Stuff For the Week:
Tuesday: The fourth sign of the Zodiac is Cancer.
Wednesday: A new hump day hunk for your viewing pleasure. ;-)
Thursday: I will continue to post the chapter links for the draft version of Water the rest of the month before I pull the whole thing off for editing. And as I did last week, I will be including an entry or two from the journal that's going to be included in the finished version.
Friday: I'm still behind in NaNo, but I should have enough to post a new excerpt here Friday. ;-)

Other Stuff
This week's TraxTime report runs from November 3 through November 9.
Crafts - 1 hours and 29 minutes ~ way down from 5 hrs and 29 min
Emails - 2 hours and 38 minutes ~ down from 5 hrs and 47 min
Games - 5 hours and 05 minutes ~ way down from 11 hrs and 11 min
Reading - 4 hour and 10 minutes ~ about the same as 4 hr and 23 min
Non-fiction - 4 hours and 50 minutes ~ about the same as 4 hrs and 43 min
Fiction - 18 hours and 05 minutes ~ way up from 10 hrs and 19 min
Total Words - 15,490 this week ~ up way from 10,777 last week

Did I mention I was sick last week? As you can see by Trax Time, what little energy I had was channeled mainly towards NaNoWriMo. And even at that I'm still behind by . . . as of today, almost 7,000 words. Yikes!

Guess what I'll be focusing on this week? ;-)

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