Meleagrine Monday

meleagrine ~ of, like or pertaining to turkeys

In case I forget, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends on Thursday!

You know, I sat down to write this post thinking I had a bad week last week, but then I ran the report for the TraxTime, and added up my weekly words, and you know what? I didn't do too badly.

It was a strange week. Wednesday I had to get up at the insanely (for me) early hour of 5:30 a.m. to drive someone to the hospital in another city for an outpatient procedure. Once he was checked in I went down to their cafeteria and got over a thousand NaNo words in. Not bad on just a couple of hours sleep.

Unfortunately, that lack of sleep really messed with me big time, but I still managed to get close to 2,000 words in every day last week.

I got some reading in when I was at the hospital too, starting a fantasy book on my Kindle that I want to get back to. I also started re-reading the Swords and Sorceress anthology series, edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Good stuff.

And thanks to the Dr. Who anniversary shows, I got a good seven inches done on sleeve number two of my second Fair Isle sweater. I might get it done in time for Christmas yet. ;-)

Blog Stuff For the Week:
Tuesday: The sixth sign of the Zodiac is Virgo.
Wednesday: A new hump day hunk for your viewing pleasure. ;-)
Thursday: This is the last week I'll be posting the chapter links for the draft version of Water so you'd better catch up now before I pull the whole thing off for editing. And as I did last week, I will be including an entry or two from the journal that's going to be included in the finished version.
Friday: This is the last week of NaNo, and I will be doing a wrap up post with a new excerpt here Friday.

Other Stuff
This week's TraxTime report runs from November 17 through November 23.
Crafts - 5 hours and 53 minutes ~ up from 3 hrs and 35 min
Emails - 4 hours and 20 minutes ~ down from 5 hrs and 48 min
Games - 4 hours and 52 minutes ~ almost the same as 4 hrs and 32 min
Reading - 1 hour and 45 minutes ~ up slightly from 1 hr and 10 min
Non-fiction - 6 hours and 53 minutes ~ down from as 7 hrs and 07 min
Fiction - 24 hours and 35 minutes ~ almost the same as 24 hrs and 17 min
Total Words - 23,626 this week ~ up from 20,096 last week

My Fiction time wasn't all just NaNo this week, I actually made the time to work on a new idea that wouldn't leave me alone. I'm pretty sure it's going to be a short story, which I haven't written in a while.

I was a little more consistent with my words for NaNo and I'm almost caught up (even if I haven't updated my NaNo word widget on the left yet. ;-)

This is the final week of Nano, and barring any unforeseen circumstances there's no reason I shouldn't finish the 50,000 words on time. The rest of the story is another matter. ;-)

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