Mnemotechny Monday

mnemotechny ~ system for improving memory

The mega-death-cold-from-hell finally left, but it appears to have taken both my energy and ambition with it.

It was sunnier last week, which should have meant I had more get up and go. However, the sunshine was offset by a series of headaches. And I was still pretty darned tired. Go figure.

I did, however, get more writing done during the day, which was one of my goals, so it wasn't all bad.

Unfortunately, my plot is not becoming any less twisted. A few of my characters want to have sex, and I have to keep telling them it's not that kind of story. They don't really believe me so they keep trying. And then I have one character who seems to think her horse is a sentient being, judging by the way she keeps talking to it.


I got a fair amount done on the sweater sleeve I'm working on and only have about five inches to go before I can start the next one. I did the increasing a little differently than I did on the first sweater and it turned out much nicer. I'd really like to re-do the sleeves for the first sweater, but that would require me ripping out the yoke and I'm not sure I'd have time to re-knit all of that.

Blog Stuff For the Week:
Tuesday: The fifth sign of the Zodiac is Leo.
Wednesday: A new hump day hunk for your viewing pleasure. ;-)
Thursday: I will continue to post the chapter links for the draft version of Water the rest of the month before I pull the whole thing off for editing. And as I did last week, I will be including an entry or two from the journal that's going to be included in the finished version.
Friday: I'm still behind in NaNo, but I will be posting a new excerpt here Friday.

Other Stuff
This week's TraxTime report runs from November 3 through November 9.
Crafts - 3 hours and 35 minutes ~ up from 1 hrs and 29 min
Emails - 5 hours and 48 minutes ~ up from 2 hrs and 38 min
Games - 4 hours and 32 minutes ~ down from 5 hrs and 05 min
Reading - 1 hour and 10 minutes ~ down from 4 hr and 10 min
Non-fiction - 7 hours and 07 minutes ~ up from as 4 hrs and 50 min
Fiction - 24 hours and 17 minutes ~ way up from 18 hrs and 05 min
Total Words - 20,096 this week ~ up from 15,490 last week

Again, about half my time last week was spent on NaNo. And I must be doing something right because where I was behind by about 7,000 last week, I'm only behind by about 5,000 this week. LOL

I'm actually surprised I didn't fall further behind. I'd have a 2,000 word day, and then a day I'd only write 400; a 3,000 word day, followed by 600. Can we say inconsistent?

Too busy writing to get much reading done last week, but I'm hoping this will change this week because I want to start riding the stationary bike again. Last time I did I read on my Kindle while I rode, which made it more like reading time than exercise time. We'll let my reading time speak for the amount of exercise I get this week. ;-)

Once again, the main focus this week will be on catching up on my NaNo. While I'm still pretty sure I'll be able to reach my 50,000 word goal, I can already tell the finished novel will be much longer than that.

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