Signs of the Zodiac - Virgo

Quick facts:
You were born between August 23 and September 23
Your sign is the Virgin
Your planet is Mercury
Your element is earth
Your metal is quicksilver
Your birthstone is the sapphire
Your flower is the aster
Your color is dark violet/navy blue
Your body part is the stomach
Your descriptive phrase is: I analyze, therefore I am

Virgos can be picky and critical, but they are also industrious, methodical and efficient. They are usually modest and can be somewhat repressed. They enjoy indulging in their practical and logical nature. Good at fact-finding, they can usually be counted on to get things right the first time. A true Virgo is usually a bundle of energy, both mentally and physically.

This is the sign of caution, discretion and logic. Those born under this sign have a strong impulse to be of service to others. They are changeable and adaptable, and quiet and undemonstrative in affairs of the heart. They tend to be genuinely affectionate, but not fully involved with their partners, they tend to shrink away from close relationships. Unassuming, retiring, modest, prudent, and possessed of considerable cool charm they are also intelligent, and have excellent communicative abilities, possibly a knack for languages. They are logical and tidy-minded, suspicious of abstract ideas and emotional attitudes. Sensible, reliable, busy, and cautious, they are careful with money. They make good doctors, teachers, accountants and secretaries.

Your best matches, whether as friends, lovers or partners, are those born under the sign of Taurus and Capricorn, and to a lesser degree those born to Cancer and Scorpio.

Famous Virgo include: Queen Elizabeth I; William Howard Taft; Leonard Bernstein; O. Henry; Sean Connery; Greta Garbo; Jesse James; Mother Teresa; and Stephen King.

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