Maieutic Monday

maieutic ~ bringing out latent thoughts; socratic

Last week at this time Christmas was almost upon us, this week it's the New Year. Where does the time go?

Our power was still a little iffy last week, but I still managed to get my Christmas baking done. Twenty-four dozen cookies on Christmas eve. I do not recommend a cookie marathon like that - especially when you have game hens to make for supper. My oven was on from around 10 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. :-)

We spent Christmas Eve with my daughter and her husband, having our traditional dinner of Rock Cornish game hens. One for each of us and yes, I even stuffed them. Then we opened our presents so we could sleep in Christmas day.

Christmas dinner was spent at my in-laws with just a fraction of the extended family. However, dinner was excellent, as always, and we enjoyed ourselves. And we were kept entertained by my great-nieces - two of the most adorable little girls you'd ever want to see.

It warmed up enough on the weekend that the ice came off of the trees, and other than the downed limbs things look pretty much like normal. Actually, it's a little messy out there. The warm temperatures created a slickness to the ice underfoot, which is still a few inches thick in most places. And Sunday night the temperature started to drop and it's supposed to stay cold the rest of the week.

As you may (or may not have) noticed, I never did get around to making any changes to the blogs last week. Maybe this week.

My kitties made a boo-boo with the books they gave me for Christmas. I started reading one of them and it seemed really familiar. I know I've read it before. But I cannot find it on my bookshelf with the others by the same author, so I really don't know if I should return it or not. The other book was one I'd been waiting for, and I've read about two thirds of it. I'm trying to make it last. ;-)

I took down the Christmas tree Saturday, so Christmas is officially over for me except for the pile of red and green tissue paper in the living room that the cats have been having a ball playing in.

Blog Stuff For the Week:
Tuesday: The eleventh sign of the Zodiac is Aquarius.
Wednesday: No hunks today. Because it will be New Year's Day, I'll be doing my year in review thing.
Thursday: Chapter four of my new draft serial, Earth - book IV of the Ardraci Elementals.
Friday: It'll be a little late, but this is the day I'll be doing my goals for the year to come.

Other Stuff
I've got editing to do. Lots and lots of editing. And not just my own, either. :-)

You're probably wondering about the smile at the end of that statement. The thing is, I actually enjoy editing. For other people that is. My own . . . not so much.

I did get some work done on Water last week, not as much as I would have liked, but any progress is good progress, right? Previously I had about sixteen journal entries finished and inserted fourteen of them into the story. However, when I looked at it as a whole it was a little messed up. The journal was telling the same story, but not in sync with the rest of the book. I managed to salvage about three or four of the journal entries, and I'm back up to twelve, plus two at the very end.

It took a little longer than I'd hoped because I finally clued in to the fact I needed to focus more on what Nereida was going through and less on the back story. The whole point of the journal is to tell her story from her point of view.

Mental note: No more books with journal entries heading up each chapter! Although . . . isn't that what I said when I was done An Elemental Fire?

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