Signs of the Zodiac - Sagittarius

Quick facts:
You were born between November 23 and December 22
Your sign is the archer
Your planet is Jupiter
Your element is fire
Your metal is tin
Your birthstone is the turquoise
Your flower is the narcissus
Your color is light purple
Your body part is the thighs
Your descriptive phrase is: I seek, therefore I am.

Those born under this sign enjoy knowledge and for them the best way to do this is to travel and talk to others. They're clear thinkers, able to see the big picture. Quick to take a chance on things, Sagittarians are usually pretty lucky, although they can also be somewhat self-indulgent. They love to socialize, usually through some sort of physical activity.

This sign is associated with flying and journeys to distant lands. Those born under this sign are generally enthusiastic travelers. They are filled with idealism, ranging from altruism to dangerous fanaticism. Always eager to progress to something bigger or better, their ambitions range from the ruthless desire to amass a large fortune to the natural wish to succeed in life. They remain optimistic in spite of repeated disappointments. Generosity comes naturally to them, although they can be possessive, especially of those they love. They are always trying to find a more amusing way of doing things than through sheer hard work. Quick and enterprising, they are also demonstrative in affection and loyal. They are inquisitive and witty and love people.

Your best matches, whether as friends, lovers or partners, are those born under the sign of Aries and Leo and to a lesser degree those born to Aquarius and Libra.

Famous Sagittarius include: Sir Winston Churchill; Mary, Queen of Scotts; Jane Austen; Walt Disney ; John F. Kennedy; Woody Allen; Brad Pitt; Keith Richards; Steven Spielberg; and Samuel L. Jackson.

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