Signs of the Zodiac - Pisces

Quick facts:
You were born between February 20 and March 20
Your sign is the fishes
Your planet is Neptune
Your element is water
Your metal is tin
Your birthstone is the aquamarine
Your flower is the water lily
Your color is dark purple
Your body part is the feet
Your descriptive phrase is: I believe, therefore I am.

Pisces is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. They're selfless, spiritual and intuitive. As the fish symbolizing them suggests, they often prefer to 'go with the flow' and dislike making waves. They're compassionate, charitable, and often put the needs of others before their own. But this means they're often taken advantage of by others. Though they're not pushovers, they can be quite sensative.

Those born to this sign do not mind being overcome by emotion, in fact, they enjoy it. They have a genial, pleasure-loving temperament and excel in any situation where they have to act up to a situation. They often succeed as journalists, actors or in any profession where it is an advantage not to keep too close to reality. Kind, good-natured, and generous, they are often rather weak-willed and are attracted by strange and exotic places. They are not interested in having problems too clear cut; they prefer to leave things vague and allow them to solve themselves. They are often and easily taken in by advertising rackets and other bogus ‘opportunities'. Very versatile, they often ignore pressures that urge them towards a particular career. They make pleasant companions, quite capable of hard work and devoted service, but they are too fond of gossip to be properly discreet in conversation. They get on well with all kinds of people and are usually popular.

Your best matches, whether as friends, lovers or partners, are those born under the sign of Cancer or Scorpio and to a lesser degree those born to Capricorn and Taurus.

Famous Pisces include: George Washington; Andrew Jackson; Victor Hugo; Johan Strauss; Elizabeth Taylor; Sidney Poitier; Bruce Willis; Dr. Seuss; and Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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