I'm A Weiner I Mean Winner!

You know, I've been sitting at this stupid lap top since I got up this morning. Yes, that means I ditched school today. Sue me. We're taking MS Project and today was just another boring catch-up day. Far better to stay home and win NaNo.

Now, where was I? Oh yes, I've been sitting in my office, at my lap top, all stinking day and now that I've officially won NaNo you'd think I'd give my butt a break and go sit in my easy chair and read or something.

But no, here I am, unable to tear myself away from the key board. And I have to ask myself, is this really a bad thing? I think of myself as a writer, even if I don't really say it out loud, so shouldn't I be spending copious amounts of time writing? Just a thought.

The weekend, as a whole, was a real roller coaster, and I gotta say, it's kind of nice to finally get off that ride. Friday I vowed to stay up until I got caught up (I think I was about 5,000 words behind at that point). Didn't happen.

I'm sure I've mentioned some time before that we have a fountain for the cats to drink out of. Not a normal little fountain, a huge thing has a sound with slightly less volume than Niagara Falls. Anyway, between the sound of the fountain and excessive volume of the T.V. (to hear it over the fountain) I ended up with a massive headache and finally packed it in at 1:30 a.m.

Saturday I was up at 9 and ready to go. I had a good breakfast, put on a pot of coffee, and vowed not to get showered or dressed until I reached 3,000 words. I managed this by 3 p.m. and not only showered and dressed, but went grocery shopping as well.

I admit when I got back to it I started to flag, but promised myself if I did another couple of thousand words I could watch Queen of the Damned at 9. Check and check. and I even had my lap top with me while I was watching it (for the eleventy billionth time).

Then Sunday. Sinus pressure, tired, headache that turned into a migraine from the volume of the baby shower the daughter and I were obligated to attend, right in the middle of the friggin afternoon! I might have managed maybe 1500 words for the day.

And then, there was today.

I gotta tell you, today was totally worth blowing off school for. I did my best word count ever. Over 8,000 words. I got past the 50K mark and figured I was so close to the end I might as well keep going. So I did. Four thousand words later I decided enough is enough and finally validated. It would have been a shame to lose just because I couldn't stop writing long enough to validate. :-)

So now I will rest on my laurels tonight, and maybe even tomorrow. Wednesday, it'll be time for a post about what I learned this year and how it compared to last year. For me, that's the real win of NaNo, the amount I learn about me and my writing.

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