Na-No, Na-No, Why Am I Being Slow?

Okay, so maybe yesterday's cartoon wasn't so off after all. The NaNo site was down for maintenance yesterday. I checked it from school and it was up again and everything was working, but I see that the cool little word count widget (to the right) is not working.

Oh, well. C'est la vie. Or maybe that should be, C'est NaNo.

Or maybe even Viva La NaNo!


Yeah, I know. Back to work for my slacking self. I have a few thousand words worth of catching up to do.

I guess maybe that'll be my NaNo goal for this week. Catching up.

Let's see . . . Sunday will be Day 15, which means I should have 25005 words by then.

Yikes! I'd better stop fooling around and get typing.

Maybe I'd better get my characters fooling around - that's always good for extra word counts. :-)

Okay, okay, I'm leaving now.


1 comment:

Jamie D. said...

Write, write, write! I'm catching up this week too...we can do it!

Looking forward to that excerpt... :-)